Friday, June 16, 2006

The Power of Masculinities

Phyllis Baker, Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences
University of Northern Iowa
Harry Brod, Professor of Arts and Humanities
University of Northern Iowa

Theme: Empirical or theoretical contributions on any aspect of masculinities.


* How Pluralized Concept "msaculinities" empowered researchers and activists to explore the diversities of masculinities?

* What do the inherent complexities in the constructions and presentations of masculinities tell us about the relationships among gender, power and masculinities?

* What are the connections between masculinities and power? For example, in what ways are masculinities also patriarchies?

* How does scholorship on masculinities empower people to change undesireable aspects of masculinities?

You may choose your own style sheet, (provided you remain consistent within your contribution); select a more or less personal and tone of writing (academic, letter, opinion peice, philosophical essay, etc) create a piece of art of music (with a short artist's statement defining how your contribution relates to the topic at hand); write a review of a relevant publication (boo, video, art, etc)

All CFP's must be submitted electronically.

CFP Email:
Social Sciences-, (319) 273-2109
Humanities and Arts- (319) 273-2693

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