Thursday, June 15, 2006

One2One Magazine

With a keen attitude, the single life can be as liberating as a presidential pardon, and that's why One2One Living magazine finds the best resources under the sun for singles.

One2One Living's readers are premium selective singles (mainly professionals) seeking electrifying articles that entertain yet provide useful insight on everything from sex to politics. They are interested in provocative, innovative ideas and events, as well as current issues that affect them. They want reliable and unbiased information.

One2One's focus is ENTERTAINMENT (Movie, Music Reviews etc), TRAVEL, CULTURE, EVENTS, STYLE & DATING for single men and women.

Articles should not be patronizing or talk down to our readers. One2One Magazine is a forum for both men and women, so please keep that in mind. Ensure that your articles satisfy everyone's needs.

Although we have nothing against articles about big-breasted women with prominent nipples, and men with massive generative members, we prefer intelligent yet provocative articles. No matter what the topic is, articles you provide us should be informative yet explosively entertaining. The style should be charismatic, sometimes sarcastic but never boring or conservative, oddball humor goes a long way.

Lists are ALWAYS in high demand. Our readers are hip and trendy and the articles should reflect that. Article MUST be inviting and thought provoking. It's a forum for discussing provocative topics that promote thought, laughter and discussion.

Feature Length: 1200-1500 words. Reviews: 250 words or less, Columns 750-1500 words. All graphics should be 300 dpi or better, black and white images may be 200 dpi.

Headlines be should creative yet concisely convey the basic information in the article.

Where appropriate, articles should include personalized real-life examples of singles. Before including a specific person, clear it with us.

Our readers enjoy bulleted or numbered lists.

Contact information for all individuals mentioned in the article must be included at the end of the article so we can easily verify the details. This should include each person's name, phone number, e-mail address.

Short Writer's bio with contact information for readers, preferably an email address.

Compensation: Negotiable

For more details on how to submit, read the guidelines.

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