Saturday, June 17, 2006

New Man Magazine

For Men On a Mission

Writer/Publicist Guidelines

Our Purpose: "Helping men to develop Christ-centered perspectives that will transform their lives, their families and their worlds."

Our History: With a circulation exceeding 100,000, New Man is America’s #1 magazine for Christian men.

Our Content

New Man is about spiritual transformation. The magazine is aimed at "men on a mission" (not a specific demographic, but a TYPE of man). These are men who are passionate about God and want more of Him in their lives. Men who crave adventure, take risks and pursue truth. Men who realize that an adventure with the Creator doesn’t begin and end on Sunday morning, but everywhere, everyday!

Each issue, we profile "men on a mission"- church leaders, professional athletes, businessmen and entertainers- completed by Christ, these men are transforming their lives, their families and their worlds. Plus, we offer biblical perspectives from today's Christian leaders, and tons of candid and practical, not predictable, advice about marriage, parenting, work, health and fitness, sex, God and faith.

New Man challenges men to apply biblical teaching to every area of their lives. It is bold, in-your-face and benefit-oriented in approach. Never boring, but always relevant and Christ-centered.

New Man is described like this: Practical. Candid. Entertaining. Radical. Masculine. Gritty. Key topics of interest include: spiritual growth, evangelism, discipleship, risk taking, leadership, integrity, physical fitness, stewardship, sex, marriage and family, faith and entertainment, sports, thrill and adventure, relationships.

We do not publish fiction, sermons or poetry.

Our Procedures

* New Man magazine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Articles are developed in-house and written by free-lance writers with whom we have worked in the past. Those who would like to be considered for future assignments can send writing samples and article ideas to the address below (e-mail preferred). Please study the magazine before submitting article ideas.

* If you are a publicist looking to pitch story ideas or products for possible review in New Man, please send your materials to the address below. Please know that we consider everything sent to us. Follow-up phone calls are not necessary.

* We buy ALL RIGHTS.

Write to us at New Man magazine, 600 Rinehart Road, Lake Mary, FL 32746, e-mail us at, or call us at 407-333-0600.

See the guidelines for more information.

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