Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Web site, is looking for submissions:

I need writers who can write witty, fun articles about sex (sexual health, pleasure, how-to's, etc.) that aren't trashy or prudish. Think Maxim magazine, not Hustler.

We accept queries. We also make assignments (few now, more in future). Query or send clips to You can also check out the site, although only a few pages are currently available. Full launch is scheduled for early to mid July 06.

Article length should be around 600 words - - more or less is OK, too, depending on the topic and your approach to it.

Payment Options

Cash: Typical pay is $15-30 for queried articles; possible more if we assign.

Product: Instead of $15-30 cash, you can choose to get $30-60 or more in free product (and we have some great products!!) We'll send you a catalog you can choose from.

We also need marketing help, for which we pay commission (see our ad in the "Non-Paying" section of this Job Bank). Please contact if interested.


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