Thursday, June 15, 2006

Midnight Showcase Novels

Midnight Showcase is a print and ebook format publisher.

NOTE: Romance is used to mean both Romance and Erotic-ahh Romance Genres. Our novels/Special Editions are both regular romance and erotic-ahh romance.

Erotic-ahh Romance means sex, NOT porn. Your story may be rejected because it does not have enough sexual content, but additionally, it will be rejected if there is no visible story line. Erotic-ahh Romance love scenes are just that a love scene, they can range from sensual all the way through to scorching and explicate! The sex must be enjoyable for the two main characters and ON screen. A horrible rape isn’t sexy, but it may be necessary for the story. In such a case, keep it OFF camera. We have confidence in your writing skills and know you can pull it off.

The best blending of erotic-ahh and romance we’ve seen uses sexual tension as well as the on screen sex act. Allowing the reader to know the thoughts and emotions of the main characters captures the imagination in an erotic-ahh story.


Midnight Showcase calls to published authors for both Romance and Erotic-ahh Romance Novels in the listed Special Genres.

Midnight Showcase is placing a special call for submissions for the following complete novels containing 45,000 to 100,000 words for print and ebook formats:

Moonlight Gothic - When romance held the suspense and mystery of love untold. Kisses were taken in shadows where ghosts walk between reality. Can you write a love story that will grip the reader in a vise of suspense, make them want love to rule against the darkness? Gothic romance is a beautiful genre that uses many techniques in the romance, see if yours will work.

Night Moves - All things unexplainable will rule in Night Moves. Give the readers your best creature of darkness, demon of the unexplained and make them lovable and wanted by their lover.

Dragon's Fire - When fairies ruled the forest glen, elves dance in the moonlight and unicorns races through the mist, the world is filled with fantasy and love, dragons and gargoyles, and more. Use your imagination and take the reader for a ride into the world like no other, filled with danger and dark heroes that will capture the readers.

Horizon - Beyond today there is a new world, one filled with all kinds of possibilities. Create this new world and give us an adventure and love story that will never end.

Western Skies - When the sun is setting and it turns the prairie gold, you can feel the magic in your blood and the love in your heart for the West. Gold rush, saloons, bordello, bucking horses and cattle drives, Indians and the Calvary, there is no end to the stories it took to build this country. In those stories there is always a hero and heroine that can ride into the dusky sunset. Can you tell their adventure in your Western Romance novel?

Silent Shadows - The lightening streaks across the sky as the shadow draws back into the darkness, a woman screams and shots are fired! Soon police sirens are heard in the distance, a door slams and figure runs down the street to escape...Mystery is a living genre in our lives and one that takes a special type of author, show me your mystery and don't forget to save the heroine in the process.

Timeless - Time is the illusive gift of life, many of us can go back in time. Do we die or do we jump into another reality? Can a person control time? Can they find love in a past century when the present denies them? Can you write the adventure in time that will bring two lovers together?

Daybreak - In our everyday lives we find many things, but only love can make it worth the risks. Write your best contemporary romance and we will see if your romance story will shine.

Sunset - If anyone ever says "I can't think of a thing to write" they have forgotten to look back, take that step back into history. The stories are endless, the lives that were lived hold so many adventures to be told, love to reawaken and share with your readers. Tell us the story of your favorite time in history and the heroes that made it happen.

Please read the submission guidelines for more information.

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