Monday, June 05, 2006

Inky Blue Allusions

Inky Blue Allusions provides erotic serial stories, which are like soap operas that show everything that goes on behind the scenes.

I am always interested seeing potential new serials. Your sex scenes can be closer to the romantic and sensual side or completely hardcore and raunchy. Serial stories should have a minimum of 10 segments with about 1000 words each (some are more or less but 1000 words is average). Serial stories must have good characterization and plot development.

You must have approximately 25% of your serial completed when you submit (a minimum of three segments), and 50% must be complete before it is offered for subscription. If your serial is accepted you will be paid 75% of all sales from your serial for as long as it is featured on the
site. It may be considered for a book publication at some point in the future. If you would like to submit a serial, if you have questions, or if you would like to query a serial contact me at:

For more, check out the Submissions Guidelines.

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