Friday, June 02, 2006

Clamor Magazine

From Clamor Magazine:

Clamor is a quarterly print magazine and online community of radical thought, art, and action. An iconoclast among its peers, Clamor is an unabashed celebration of self-determination, creativity, and shit-stirring. Clamor publishes content of, by, for, and with marginalized communities. From the kitchen table to shop floor, the barrio to the playground, the barbershop to the student center, it's old school meets new school in a battle for a better tomorrow. Clamor is a do-it-yourself guide to everyday revolution.

Clamor welcomes pitches and articles from writers and artists of all stripes. Please read here for deadlines, guidelines, and the fine print.


As of April 6, 2006, we have adopted a new review system. If you would like to do audio, print, and video reviews for Clamor, please email us with your preferred email address and mailing address. We'll email a list of available titles monthly and send requested items on a first-come, first-serve basis.

See the rules here.

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