Monday, June 05, 2006

Booker Girl Publications

Booker Girl is a small, independent press established for the purpose of publishing quality book length fiction in all categories, and to see our titles widely promoted and kept available for longer than the brief shelf life allowed by traditional houses. We feel there is a niche, a need for a press whose goal is to publish quality works by new and established writers without regard for the blockbuster mentality that presently prevents more established houses from taking on the more daring projects.

The editors at Booker Girl have a passion for sitting down with a good read and suspect the judgment of the reading public has been much underestimated and misunderstood by market research. Why? If you only provide what a person knows they like, you won’t ever provide them
with anything new and exciting. We believe a much wider range of fiction than is currently available needs to be made accessible and are aiming to do just that.

What we are and what we aren’t:

The books we publish are 6" by 9" quality hardbacks, with glossy jackets printed in full colour. We distribute all titles internationally, with distribution rights in the US and UK.

We do not distinguish between published and unpublished authors, but consider every work on its merit and commercial viability.

We are not a vanity or subsidy press and charge no reading or critiquing fees. Editorial services will only be rendered if a book is chosen for publication. The author who signs a contract with us will at no time be expected to pay any kind of fee, ever.

Our voice and your voice:

Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, we will make every effort to avoid lengthy delays in bringing the product to market. The writer will be given a voice in all aspects of publishing, promotion, advertising and marketing, including cover art, copy, promotional
forums, etc. The writer will be expected to be an active and enthusiastic participant in all stages of the publication process.

The Booker Girl group is energized at the prospect of what we can bring to a growing readership, tracking down the finest writers of contemporary fiction and generating enthusiasm in their readers.

Contact editor Stevie Burns regarding submittal of work for publication or any other questions you might have about Booker Girl, email her at: bookergirl34 at yahoo dot com

Our location:

Booker Girl
Am Buchstein 11
61250 Usingen-Eschbach

The Booker Girl Sample Contract for Writers is here.

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