Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Beast Within

The Beast Within
Editor: Skian McGuire
Publisher: Top Dog Press (chapbook format)

For some the experience of BDSM is purely entertainment, something to add spice to an already interesting sex life. For others, BDSM reaches into the most shadowed depths of our inner selves and brings forth the parts of ourselves that we are the most afraid of, the most ashamed of,
even though we can’t be whole without them. For those of us who identify as tops (dominants and sadists), our darkest inner selves sometimes look like monsters ­ inner Beasts that feed on others’ pain and fear and degradation.

Top Dog Press is looking for essays, stories, and poems about the Beast Within. We are interested in explorations from the standpoint of risk-aware consensual BDSM play ONLY. While material may explore the desire for non- consensual sex and/or play, it must be very clear that nothing of the sort is being advocated in actual practice.

We hope to see writing about the conflict we feel as compassionate, moral, spiritual beings taking pleasure in consensual edge play, and how tops resolve that feeling of conflict. We also invite the viewpoint of bottoms who purposefully give themselves to others’ Beasts.

Only a few pieces will be accepted for the initial project, which is meant to be the first of a series of print chapbooks on BDSM topics. If the chapbook version is well- received, additional material will be considered for a book-length anthology.

Work that touches on the spiritual dimensions of BDSM and the inner Beast may be considered for publication in The Shadow Sacrament.

Length: prose up to 5000 words. Please query for poems longer than 30 lines; shorter poems are preferred.

Reprints welcome, but please include previous publication information.

Please send work WITHIN THE BODY OF AN E-MAIL to Attachments will NOT be opened.

Please include a short bio and the name you wish your work to appear under, bearing in mind that it is the policy of Top Dog Press not to use scene names or e-mail handles as by-lines, although exceptions will be made in the case of authors whose work is already widely known under such a name.

Deadline: August 1, 2006

Compensation: $10 US for poems and prose up to 3000 words, $20 for longer work, plus two contributor’s copies, on publication. FNASR only; any additional publication will contracted separately.

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