Wednesday, June 14, 2006

African-American Romance Anthology

Nationally bestselling and award-winning authors Niobia Bryant and Kim Louise are seeking submissions of short stories for an upcoming African-American romance anthology.

We want to showcase the very best romance authors out there, whether published or unpublished. We are looking for stories that capture the very essence of a loving relationship and will resonate and remain with the reader long after they close the book. This anthology is an attempt to honor the romance writers who blazed the way, uplift the writers of today, and open the doors for those to come. We want an anthology that will properly represent the African-American romance genre in the same tradition that contemporary African-American fiction was represented by Terry Mcmillan's Breaking Ice: An Anthology of Contemporary African-American Fiction and Clarence Major's Calling the Wind:Twentieth Century African-American Short Stories.

Anthology Concept

* The stories must have at least one love scene.

* The relationships must be heterosexual.

* Stories should be in one of the following genres:
Contemporary Romance
Romantic Suspense
Romantic Comedy
Futuristic Romance (science fiction)
Paranormal Romance
Fantasy Romance
Historical Romance
Interracial (One of the characters must be African-American)

Submission Guidelines

* All stories must be written in proper manuscript formatting--12pt. Courier New, double spaced with one-inch margins.

* Stories should be 2500 - 3500 words (10-14 pages with proper

* E-mail your story to No attachments will be accepted. Please paste your submission into the body of the e-mail. Any stories sent as an attachment will be deleted. Please put SUBMISSION in the subject line.

* Be sure to include your name, contact information, and your story's genre on a cover sheet WITH THE STORY. The final selection process will take a while, so if your contact information changes, please keep us informed.

* Only original stories that have not been published in any format are allowed.

* Just one story per author and please submit to us exclusively.

* All stories may be edited for content and length.

* Submissions will be accepted June 1, 2006 until September 1, 2006.


* There will be a payment for each story accepted for the final publication. Each contributor will receive copies of the completed project and a payment of $100.00.

* Also every contributor will be able to include a bio in the Contributors Section of both the book and the offical web site.

Please feel free to forward this information to all interested parties.

We look forward to reading your stories.

Thank you,
Niobia & Kim

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