Friday, June 30, 2006

Writer's To-Do List

Below are a few opportunities writers should look into this week, to see if they are good options for you.

Adding your blog to Blogs For Readers. Make sure your blog is about you as an author, and then at the top, you'll see a 'suggest link' -- click on it, and fill out the form.

Carrie White, who runs the One Reviewer site, has now opened up Sexography, and decided to expand her erotica reviewing to include websites. To get your site reviewed, contact her off her website.

Investigate Sexy Authors with Attitude, which offers a website, group, newsletter, and blog all promoting hot erotica authors.

I've also added some of these resources to the sidebar, so you can find them again later.

Please remember the House Rules!

Circlet Press Erotica Contest

This contest-based anthology will be a compilation of erotic stories of all the types Circlet has published before--in other words, erotica with an sf or fantasy twist or sf/f with an erotic twist.

The first place winner of the contest will receive a $500 prize, second place $250, and the remaining runners up will be published in the anthology for the regular payments (between $50-$100 depending on length).

Every person who pays the $5 entry fee will receive back a $5 coupon good for buying anything Circlet Press publishes.

For more information, see their guidelines.

Deadline August 15, 2006.

Erotica Contest at

The 4th annual Best Erotica Contest

There's nothing like a sultry, sexy erotica contest to get you ready for the heat of a smoldering summer!

All we're looking for is the most erotic, most romantic, hottest story on Writing.Com.

For more, check here for rules, and here for how to enter.

Deadline: August 12, 2006

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dating & Relationship Articles

Someone has requested a new article on Constant Content

We are looking for experts to write how-to articles on specific relationship topics. We need writers who live and breathe relationships (how to get over a break-up, how to know someone is lying, how to kiss, how to flirt) and can provide our readers the best, most current information possible. If you
are an expert and experienced at writing relationship how-to articles and love to share your knowledge with people, we are looking for you!

Amount of articles:TBD

Price per article:$40-50

Length of article:+/- 400

Subjects:Dating, Relationships

Date requested:06-29-2006

Other notes:Author's writing will be published on a high traffic website that
can link to the writers other work!


Please note, I have updated the listing for USA Voices to alert you some unpleasant discussion.

Remember, I don't vouch for all the calls & publications, I'm just the messenger! I trust that you will research and protect yourselves in your quest to build your careers and reputations. (You need to know what is right for you!)

I do try to be as honest as I can and I certainly try to avoid scams, updating the calls/post themselves so that everyone can find the correct information. If this, or any other listing, should prove to be a scam, the entire posting will be deleted.

Thank you for your understanding,

Promo/Marketing Opp

Editor Gracie Passette has just published an interview with Chloe Jo Berman of The Girlie Girl Newsletter which has all the details on how to get into the newsletter. An excellent way to reach the female market, and Chloe isn't shying away from adult products and events.

Also, the Working With The Adult Web newsletter was just published. (You can subscribe here.)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Angst-ridden Non-fiction Short Stories/Essays

Send us your stories about life-changing choices and major life lessons learned by making mistakes: "How Not To" as opposed to "How To."

Especially looking for first time stories about sex and first relationships.

Stories written with humor, pathos, self-deprecation, genuine emotion, and unflinching honesty are especially appreciated. Happy endings and morals-of-the-story are welcome, but not necessary. Seeking new and emerging talent as well as established authors.

Email stories as Word attachments or as text in the body of as email to by July 8, 2006. Pays $100 upon acceptance and an additional $100 upon publication.

Please visit for more information.

On-going Open Call List

Bold Strokes Books

Sexy Scribe

Story Mistress

StarDust Press Christmas Contest

Ho ho ho! Calling all authors! Join our Christmas contest!

We are looking for heartwarming stories with strong Christmas themes that depict the Christmas spirit. A happy-ever-after ending is a must, of course! Please refer to our submission guidelines and format.

Winners will be judged based on the following criteria:

Criteria Percentage:
Christmas theme 40%
Characterization, Story Structure and Plot 40%
Syntax/Grammar 20%
Total 100%

Only full manuscripts are eligible to enter the contest. Exciting prizes await the winners! Cash prize will be given upon acceptance of the publishing contract.

Top Prize: $200 + Publishing Contract
2nd Prize: $100 + Publishing Contract
3rd Prize: $50 + Publishing Contract

Deadline: August 15, 2006
Winner announcement: August 31, 2006

Book Reviewers

The following places are looking for book reviewers. (Please see my earlier post about reviews and reviewers!)

Reader to Reader reviews at

They may also welcome your books for review, so poke about the sites!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blog Promotions

Authors with adult or sex blogs are encouraged to submit their blogs to the Sex-Kitten Feed.

Any blog feeds (RSS, ATOM etc), including MySpace feeds work. And sites that use a blog format for publication which have feeds are also accepted.

To do so, simply go here and add your information. Then click 'preview' and if everything looks OK, hit submit and your site will be included.

All we ask that you add either a small script or link back to the feed to encourage more traffic for us all. The script helps keep your content fresh in between updates, but a small image or text link works too.

USA Voice is looking for reporters & editors, including book reviewers. For more information, visit their website and click on 'careers' or 'become a reporter.'

** Update! According to this, USA Voice may be a scam! (Friend Finder's BDSM Site)

We're looking for:

-- Informative, funny, sexy pieces on adult, bdsm, or gay sex/culture. 1000 - 3000 words.

-- reviews of sex related stuff, 900 - 1200 words. Porn, sex toys, sex how-to books, new, hot sex stuff etc.

-- Advice -- how to do something sex-related: how to shop for a quickie, how to hunt for bears (gay) or how to give better head, how to make "safe sex" feel natural or hard and raunchy or spontaneous or all of the above, what's the worst thing about golden showers? What's the best way to have May/December sex? etc.

--Features with a window on unique sex themes or that people could relate to -- when I was a porn actor, when I was fucking a married guy, etc.

-- We have also started a PG dating magazine and could also use spicy (no graphic sex) romance fiction, and articles about dating, relationships, couples, etc. with all the same qualifications as above but without the graphic sex. Humor is essential here.


--First articles from a writer who is new to us will be on spec -- that is, we have to see the piece before we consider it. So sending your credits or a list of story ideas is not an efficient way to get through to us.

--Articles that can be accompanied by good pics or authors who have self-pics are desirable.

--I'm looking for cognoscenti -- scouts if you will -- and hope to count on my writers to come up with the latest, hottest, little-known sex related stuff.

--In you email heading put type of writing you’re submitting: i.e. kinky feature, gay male review, adult how-to, etc.


We have no problem plugging our writers, their projects, their other web sites, their upcoming books, whatever, in an intro blurb. We prefer they don't do it in the column, however. Also, we don't import ads or banners and can't do live links.


Once we see something we like, we'll send the contract for review, but here are the basics:

-- first time rights for the period of 90 days, after which you can sell the piece elsewhere (mentioning that it first appeared with us).

-- Unlimited use and term (in other words we can maintain it in our archives).

-- And we like to have many pics of our reviewers so people can tell at a glance when a new column is posted.

If things go well, this could evolve into a contract for regular column possibly at a higher pay scale. For example, our BDSM expert has her own monthly column; our adult product reviewer has her own bi-weekly column. So there's growth opportunity for someone with 1) a pithy, funny, sexy style, 2) appeal to our readers, and 3) a good work ethic, 4) low-maintenance relationship.

Send to:

Lisa Chavez, Story Editor

Visit here for more info.

Note: FriendFinder also runs other magazines, and you can contact Lisa for more information on them as well.

Midnight Showcase Digests


Open call for erotic-ahh romance short story submissions for the following themed digests. These digests are for publication in ebook, audio and print. Please read our digests to see what our stories are like and what we want to find for Midnight Showcase.

We are a royalty publisher.

NOTE: Due to the lack of straight romance submissions these calls for the themed digests are for Erotic-ahh romance. However, if you as the author don't mind being in an erotic-ahh romance digest and want to submit your romance story please do, we will certainly consider it.

THEMED DIGEST for Erotic-ahh Romance

Spellfire – Harvest of Heroes (Veterans, & Thanksgiving Spellfire stories)

Need stories by Sept 2006, 8-15K

Even in Spellfire, a Thanksgiving of Harvest and Heroes are remembered. Journey to yesteryear and today, with ghosts and other ghoulish creatures who once donned a uniform, and shared their lives and their Thanksgivings with those whom they once and still do love. In this paranormal town, whose Veteran League is made up of many magical and non-magical beings who fought for valor and more, here are stories of the heart and soul of those special heroes and heroines. (No matter the era.)

Read the 2006 Spellfire Digests and submit your stories. Read the blurbs on line to see what we are looking for, as well as the Spellfire info pages.

Hot Wings Digest, 8-15K

Need Stories by November 15, 2006

Angels and winged creatures watch the Super Bowl too you know, or do they? What happens when an off-this-earth being interrupts your game time? Doesn't love just fly in and strike at the oddest times? And Super Bowl weekend at that? Give us your light humor, (male or female gets interrupted while watching game or during the weekend of). Tell us why an angel or other winged deity would dare drop down and give you lessons in love instead of letting you watch the game? How dare they! But love is worth the loss of that once a year Super Sunday, but is losing love worth it?

Western Ways, 8-18K

Stories due by Dec 15 2006.

Giddy-up to love in the wild, wild west. Gunslingers, gamblers, city slickers and more. Dance hall madams and society gals gone west. Send your rootin-tootin stories of the wild wicked west to us. Make us marvel at the allure of the days of cowboys, cowgirls, and Indians in a fun positive way. Write so the reader feels the thrill of days of old when men, and often times women, wore guns slung low on the hips, and wilder women met tough hombres and native chiefs who swept them off their feet. (Or they roped the hero into their lonely cabin in the wilds of the west.)

Spellfire Hearts 2007, 8 – 15K

Need stories by Dec 15 2006

Read the 2006 Spellfire Hearts and submit your stories. Read the blurb on line to see what we are looking for, as well as the Spellfire info pages.

Melange 2007 (Digest), 12-18K,

Need stories by Dec 15 2006

Love comes in a variety of shapes, color and heat. These are flavorful stories of multicultural/ethnic romances. Any time era, with positive, uplifting and sensual love, with no barriers towards a fantastic love between two deserving souls.


Midnight Romps - Single titles 7.5 to 25+K

Open call for line starting in May 2006

Romps is a new line at Midnight Showcase that consists of single title stories for ebook formats only. We are looking for stories that fit any of the same lines as our Novel lines in erotic-ahh romance. Best sellers in the line will be picked for a digest release in the future that would be for both print and ebook.

The same erotic-ahh rules apply that are stated above for the novels, so please read them. You can read any of our digests to find out what type of writing we are looking for in this line.


Moonlight Gothic - When romance held the suspense and mystery of love untold. Kisses were taken in shadows where ghosts walk between reality. Can you write a love story that will grip the reader in a vise of suspense, make them want love to rule against the darkness? Gothic romance is a beautiful genre that uses many techniques in the romance, see if yours will work.

Night Moves - All things unexplainable will rule in Night Moves. Give the readers your best creature of darkness, demon of the unexplained and make them lovable and wanted by their lover.

Dragon's Fire - When fairies ruled the forest glen, elves dance in the moonlight and unicorns races through the mist, the world is filled with fantasy and love, dragons and gargoyles, and more. Use your imagination and take the reader for a ride into the world like no other, filled with danger and dark heroes that will capture the readers.

Horizon - Beyond today there is a new world, one filled with all kinds of possibilities. Create this new world and give us an adventure and love story that will never end.

Western Skies - When the sun is setting and it turns the prairie gold, you can feel the magic in your blood and the love in your heart for the West. Gold rush, saloons, bordello, bucking horses and cattle drives, Indians and the Calvary, there is no end to the stories it took to build this country. In those stories there is always a hero and heroine that can ride into the dusky sunset. Can you tell their adventure in your Western Romance novel?

Silent Shadows - The lightening streaks across the sky as the shadow draws back into the darkness, a woman screams and shots are fired! Soon police sirens are heard in the distance, a door slams and figure runs down the street to escape...Mystery is a living genre in our lives and one that takes a special type of author, show me your mystery and don't forget to save the heroine in the process.

Timeless - Time is the illusive gift of life, many of us can go back in time. Do we die or do we jump into another reality? Can a person control time? Can they find love in a past century when the present denies them? Can you write the adventure in time that will bring two lovers together?

Daybreak - In our everyday lives we find many things, but only love can make it worth the risks. Write your best contemporary romance and we will see if your romance story will shine.

Sunset - If anyone ever says "I can't think of a thing to write" they have forgotten to look back, take that step back into history. The stories are endless, the lives that were lived hold so many adventures to be told, love to reawaken and share with your readers. Tell us the story of your favorite time in history and the heroes that made it happen.



You will benefit as being a featured author in the Midnight Showcase Erotic-ahh Romance or Romance Digest and Novels/Special Editions, and receive a royalty based on story length and/or the themed digest rate as a percentage of the digest's net sale price, please see the sample contract. Midnight Showcase publishes in ebook formats, print and has also expanded into audio for certain releases, length being the decision factor on audio.

Midnight Showcase will post live links to the author's website with their story as it is an excellent way to reach new readers and get your other released books out to the readers. It is your responsibility to keep the links active.

Midnight Showcase is a new publisher that is growing at an exciting rate! We have author parties, chats, blogs, reviews and many more promotional opportunities for our authors. We support our authors in everyway possible to make everyone successful at Midnight Showcase.

Please query with full synopsis, word count and 50 word blurb describing the book, also follow the format guideline.


Special Editions are Midnight Showcase Novels, these will be through Publisher Request so query first, no submissions will be accepted unless requested. Royalty will be contracted on individual basis at time of issuance. Please see the lines we are looking for above.

Acquisition Specialist: Contact for short stories and novellas only for Digests
Mae Powers

Their submission page has more information.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Authors, Read:

Kaye Trout's How POD Authors Market Their Books

Dumbest of the Twenty Worst Literary Agents

Yaoi Press

Yaoi Press Call for Submissions

Yaoi Press is a publisher of original English language yaoi manga. Yaoi is stories about men in love with men for women readers drawn in the Japanese manga style.

We are currently looking for comic book scripts for the third volume of our Yaoi Hentai series. Yaoi Hentai is an Adults Only book.

The sex is the most important thing in the story. 1/3 of a story's page count should be setting up love scenes, 2/3rds of the page count should be graphic male/male homosexual sex. Stories should be 20-60 graphic novel pages long.

Stories must have a strong element of romance and emotion. No sex between strangers as the main theme. Bondage is a popular yaoi theme, but there must be romantic electricity between master and slave. Putting the characters in a society where the master naturally has power over the slave (e.g.king/vassel) is a customary set up. Anal intercourse has to happen at least once per story. Sexplay should be creative and meticulously described for the artists. Stories often fall into subgenres like science fiction, gothic, historical, horror, fantasy, et al. All characters in the sex scenes must be 18 or older.

Scripts must be written with 'manga' in mind. There are fewer panels on manga pages than on pages of Western comic books. Writers should include a great deal of detail. We want to see lots of sound effects in the script, and action and emotion effects (words like flinch, stare, grope, pang). In many stories there should be occasional humorous scenes with superdeformed/chibi characters. Characters should also be described in a superdeformed or exaggerated way when expressing a strong emotion when this fits with the tone of the story/scene.

Please follow the submissions guidelines.

Compensation: Writer's pay is $10 per graphic novel page. Pay can be higher if placing your name on the cover of the book causes us to anticipate significantly higher sales.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

SMUT Magazine

SMUT Magazine
Pretty Much What It Sounds Like

What does smut mean to you? Class, trash, ass? We're always interested in upcoming authors and brand new material. If you'd like to send us your smut, please read the following guidelines. SMUT is a pan-sexual publication: we publish queer, straight, bisexual and trans stories. We
also accept nonfiction work on appropriate topics such as gender, sexuality and how-to articles.

1. Stories should be no longer than 3000 words.

2. We don't want to find racist, sexist, criminal (incest, bestiality, scenes with children) or similarly yucky things in our inbox.

3. Please limit photographic submissions to small jpeg files (less than 1MB). If we decide to use your photos, we'll work out all the techie details later. For now, just a preview, please.

4, SMUT accepts cartoons, sketches and other artwork within reason. If it's printable, we'll have a look at it. If you have a twelve foot installation piece, for gawd's sake please don't send it to our post office box.

6. We are not an editing service, nor are we literary agents. If your work isn t a good fit for us, we're don t have the resources to send it back to you, and we can't help you find other writing gigs.

7. SMUT generally pays fifty dollar per story. We'll also do everything we can to promote your work.

SUBMIT! electronically to or mail to

S.M.U.T. Magazine
P.O. Box 90083
Parkdale Postal Outlet
1488 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6K 1L0

For more information, please see their website.

The Beast Within

The Beast Within
Editor: Skian McGuire
Publisher: Top Dog Press (chapbook format)

For some the experience of BDSM is purely entertainment, something to add spice to an already interesting sex life. For others, BDSM reaches into the most shadowed depths of our inner selves and brings forth the parts of ourselves that we are the most afraid of, the most ashamed of,
even though we can’t be whole without them. For those of us who identify as tops (dominants and sadists), our darkest inner selves sometimes look like monsters ­ inner Beasts that feed on others’ pain and fear and degradation.

Top Dog Press is looking for essays, stories, and poems about the Beast Within. We are interested in explorations from the standpoint of risk-aware consensual BDSM play ONLY. While material may explore the desire for non- consensual sex and/or play, it must be very clear that nothing of the sort is being advocated in actual practice.

We hope to see writing about the conflict we feel as compassionate, moral, spiritual beings taking pleasure in consensual edge play, and how tops resolve that feeling of conflict. We also invite the viewpoint of bottoms who purposefully give themselves to others’ Beasts.

Only a few pieces will be accepted for the initial project, which is meant to be the first of a series of print chapbooks on BDSM topics. If the chapbook version is well- received, additional material will be considered for a book-length anthology.

Work that touches on the spiritual dimensions of BDSM and the inner Beast may be considered for publication in The Shadow Sacrament.

Length: prose up to 5000 words. Please query for poems longer than 30 lines; shorter poems are preferred.

Reprints welcome, but please include previous publication information.

Please send work WITHIN THE BODY OF AN E-MAIL to Attachments will NOT be opened.

Please include a short bio and the name you wish your work to appear under, bearing in mind that it is the policy of Top Dog Press not to use scene names or e-mail handles as by-lines, although exceptions will be made in the case of authors whose work is already widely known under such a name.

Deadline: August 1, 2006

Compensation: $10 US for poems and prose up to 3000 words, $20 for longer work, plus two contributor’s copies, on publication. FNASR only; any additional publication will contracted separately.

Selenia's Cavern Quality Writing Services

I received an interesting email from Tiffany Garden of Selenia's Cavern Quality Writing Services, and as she had her website in her signature line, I took a look.

Mighty impressed with not only what she does, but what she posts in her blog, I not only had to add her to my sidebar links but had to feature Tiffany in an interview.

Hello, Tiffany, please describe briefly what you do.

While I do a lot of different types of writing (I love variety!), my main work is copywriting. This involves writing site content, sales copy, catalog copy, newsletters, ebooks – pretty much whatever they want to help promote their site.

Is this a part-time or a full-time gig?

I have been a full time freelance writer since 2002.

Describe for us your clients & their needs.

I have one main client who I have been working with for nearly two years. It's mostly a resource site with a storefront. I think I've done just about everything in the book for him – ebook writing, keyword content, information articles, forum posting – you name it, I've done it! I am also in the process of writing a few industry related articles for various adult trade publications (who says trade writing is boring – their fault for picking a boring industry!). I also had a sex column for an online magazine for awhile. That was a pretty interesting one :)

You are rather a young one, nearly 23, so this may seem odd to be an odd question... but to us old folks, the whole prospect of 'keywords' and other aspects of writing on the internet are definitely 'new tricks'. What are some of the challenges for writing in light of today's technology?

The way people read on the internet affects how you should write for the web – people like to skim, don't like to read longer articles, that kind of thing. Using headlines and sections to divide up a longer article, bullet points, anything graphical to help draw their attention back to the all important text helps. It's like trying to keep a 2 year old focused on something – in this case, not hitting the back button.

As far as keywords go, these phrases help to improve search engine ratings. For example, you focus on one or two common phrases throughout a client's site, in order to help them get on top of the search engine rankings for that particular phrase. Then, when someone searches for that phrase, they come out on top of their competition. However, I think there is too much of a focus on keywords and less on the quality of the content itself. You see tons and tons of webmasters thinking that $5 web content laden with keywords is going to get them a top page ranking. But most of the time, this type of content doesn't have much substance, so their readers just get turned off.

The challenge here is paying attention to keywords, while ensuring that it doesn't affect the quality of information being provided in the article. It can be a hard balance to maintain.

You mentioned to me that you have plans for creating a separate site for focusing on your adult work. Is this based on the marketing aspect (as in you can use keywords and more actively target adult content clients), or more for protecting yourself (as in trying not to offend more virtuous clients)?

Although I am getting around to setting up a separate site, here, I will not hide or remove the adult related work on my main copywriting page. I already facilitated it a tad much for my tastes by including it at the bottom of my clips list, but there's no way in hell I'd ever not admit
to that kind of thing. So yes, it is for the marketing aspect – I really just want to focus on things that adult webmasters would like as far as copywriting goes. Making a site specifically geared at the adult industry is just to cater to my niche a bit more :) It's not to hide it. I'm sure I've lost work because of the fact that I don't hide my adult related work, but if a client doesn't like what I write when it doesn't even relate to them – well, there's plenty of clients where that one came from.

Will you work under a different name, much like a pen name then?

Not at all, I'm proud of my work :) I can understand why people like to use pen names and such, and I can't blame them at all. At the same time, I wouldn't really want to work with people that had a huge hang up on projects I work on that don't directly affect them anyway (I was just talking to a client yesterday who mentioned that, and all she really said was 'well I guess they need copy too, huh?'), and hell, it's lucrative since so many people don't think to ask if a sex site needs a copywriter :) Besides, with how much sex is used in marketing and selling products to a mainstream audience, I just can't understand how people hold sex writing as some huge taboo thing. If it bothers them, just don't look at it, sheesh! :)

Also, I see you do SEO work... There's long been a belief that adult webmasters are the ones who use the technology, such as SEO, keywords & overall Internet marketing best. In your experience, who do you think has a better handle on this, mainstream websites, or adult?

I believe that the adult industry has always been a step ahead in adopting new, interesting marketing techniques, as well as the best upcoming technology to better serve their customers. So while there are plenty of adult sites that take some of these method so far overboard, the top sites really know what they are doing, and how to effectively implement the latest marketing techniques.

While some technologies ultimately fail, there are far more that gain popularity through the porn industry itself.

Do we adult writers make the most of our ability to use words when it comes to the internet? While the adult industry is considered 'better' at this, when it comes to individuals, which writers are, are we as good at making use of keywords and SEO practices?

I personally believe there is always room for improvement in anything I do, so you always want to look for more effective ways to present your ideas and tell your stories. Just make it interesting for yourself and your readers! I do think that writers have an advantage overall because, well, we make a living by words, so I think writers would inherently win there :) It all comes down to marketing.

In my opinion, adult authors have less options say in link exchanges, reviews etc, but does that mean that we are less savvy than mainstream authors? I, personally, am not sure... So many of us spend our time writing and just don't have the time or see the need for marketing... a common problem with any professional who needs to outsource or hire another for help. Since you work with both sides of the fence, do you see a vast difference in the way adult authors/writers market themselves via the web than 'traditional' authors?

It is not that we are less savvy, but that we have different avenues of marketing. You also have to consider that most mainstream writers work within a niche themselves – they might have more review options, but most of the time they are just working in their own niche – a niche that is most likely narrower than the adult industry. While it does still hurt a little bit to not be able to access some of the more prestigious avenues of review and marketing, there are plenty of other opportunities to balance this out.

One thing that is worth remembering – all writers, no matter what industry, need to take an interest in marketing themselves and their works. Micheal Sedge's Marketing Strategies for Writers is a great book I read on the subject, and it really opened my eyes to the way that marketing your business, your works, and even yourself can help your writing career.

While there are some writers that are picked right up out of the rough and published in huge houses, you have thousands of other writers that accomplish the same thing through hard work, marketing themselves constantly, and just getting noticed through their own efforts.

There isn't really a difference between the way different authors market themselves besides the niche they target. It comes down to the individual, and whether they make the effort to help themselves by marketing. It is hugely important, at least in my eyes, and I've read a lot from more established writers that will preach this to death as well.

What's the biggest mistake you think authors make?

Settling for less (and I'm at fault for this too!). Just don't undervalue your work, and aim as high as you can – it takes hard work to achieve greatness, but you never know just how far you can go if you don't try. Just like plenty of other writers, I have plenty of rejections and non responses, but I'd rather have that than not trying at all.

What's the most common reaction you have to your adult writings – professionally?

The sex market is just a really interesting field to work in. There are always fascinating advances in technology, new marketing ideas, great sites – it is very enjoyable to work in such a dynamic industry. Professionally, I have never had a problem with other writers having
a problem with what I write – hell my first freelance writing job was for a sex information site (if I remember correctly). If clients have a problem with my previous work, they just don't contact me, if they don't, they either don't bring it up, or are indifferent.

And personally?

Well, since I don't write erotica professionally, and just stick with non fiction, I'm not too worried about getting overly flustered while I write :) It's during the research for articles and sites that that can be a problem. As for reactions of family/friends, well, my mom wants to kill me for it, but I can live with the random threatening phone call now and then. :) My boyfriend doesn't care, and my friends think it's pretty cool I get paid for that type of thing. Of course, they think its cool I make a living as a writer too, so I think they just like cool things :p

What is the best part of your work?

In order of importance I'll say – waking up in the afternoon, getting paid to write about the things I love to do, and always having a variety of projects to work on. I never get bored.

And the worst part?

During downtimes, the hours of searching/querying/pleading for jobs can get tiring after awhile. Thankfully those times don't happen too much.

Is this what you'd like to continue to do, or do you see it as a step towards a larger goal? And if the latter, what is your dream or goal?

I don't ever see me giving up writing for a living – I worked in tech support for awhile, but it just wasn't for me. That was a great start in getting me working with technical writing, though! After this long of being able to set my own schedule, doing some amazing and weird work, and being my own boss, well – I just don't think I could go easily into an on site again.

The only thing that I haven't gotten to do yet that I would love to do, and it is a definite goal of mine, is to write a book. I've done ebooks, but there's just something about a print book that makes it significant. Rather, a print book with an established, legitimate publisher. I'm working on that though -- go go book proposals!

I'd like to thank Tiffany for her time and I hope you'll make some time to visit her website, Selenia's Cavern Quality Writing Services.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Go NYC Magazine is always interested in hearing from talented freelancers with great ideas.

Email with resumes/clips/samples/ideas.

New York Women In Film and Television

NYWIFT (New York Women In Film and Television) invites WIF members to submit shorts to the Third Annual NYWIFT/Hamptons International Film Festival short series, To the Point: Women Telling Stories Through Media.

The 2006 Hamptons International Film Festival will take place, October 19 - 22, 2006.

To the Point provides a unique platform for Women in Film & Television (WIFT) filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work--narrative, animated, documentary and experimental films--about women's experiences.

The deadline for submission is June 30, 2006. There is no fee for applicants.

All films must be 20 minutes or under and have been completed after June 30, 2003.

A joint panel made up of NYWIFT filmmakers and Hamptons International Film Festival programmers will make selections.

Applications are found here here.

Questions? Contact Barbara Meyer at, or Victoria Clark at

Note: I don't think they'll accept triple-X works, but sexuality, reproductive rights etc ought to be fair game...


Salon is part of an Internet media company that produces 8 original content sites as well as two online communities -- Table Talk and The WELL. The content sites, updated daily or more frequently, include News and Politics, Opinion, Technology & Business, Arts & Entertainment, Books, Sex, Life and Comics. They welcome article queries and submissions.

The best way to submit articles and story pitches is via e-mail. For more information, read the site guidelines.

Compensation: Paid/negotiable



Stories must be submitted with the understanding that SoundsErotic, Inc. is purchasing the story and all worldwide rights if selected including but not limited to audio, book, periodical, broadcast, film, electronic and mechanical rights. SoundsErotic, Inc. reserves the right to edit,
rewrite or repurpose the stories for current or future usage. Stories must be original and unpublished works and not violate any copyrights. Authors will be recognized on all products unless they request otherwise.


If SoundsErotic Inc., selects and uses a submitted story, either on a CD or as a downloadable story, the author will receive author’s credit on the CD as well as a gift certificate for three SoundsErotic CD’s (not to exceed $75 in value)."

For more information, see their guidelines.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sexy Nerd Love

New Contest!

Sexy Nerd Love is the theme, and here's the place to let your love of all things, and persons, nerdy to run free...

Inspired by a late night showing of Revenge of the Nerds, when Lewis, after sex, says to his pleasantly surprised partner: "Jocks only think about sports, nerds only think about sex," this contest is for all the nerds, dweebs, dorks and geeks (perhaps even a few of the freaks).

The contest is open to hot stories about geeks, nerds and dorks, and their attributes (smart, shy, off the beaten path), as well as themes based on their worlds (book stores, tech gadgets, sci-fi conventions). There are so many kinds of nerds, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Keep in mind, that any humor used should be affectionate -- these are stories for and about nerds and how hot they are, they are the heros!

Ideas for inspiration:

-- Who and what seduces a librarian?

-- Read Geek Life.

-- What happens when two dorks meet? Who makes the move? Tell us about the social blunders and the sexual thunder!

-- Read GeekSex.

-- Think of all the famous nerds now, like Bill Gates, and write a story in which he (or she) returns to the high school reunion...

-- Read this 'best of' at Craig's List called Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It...

-- Who is that sexy nerd in the cubicle next to you at work? What is his secret sex life like?

-- Perhaps, as a writer, you yourself are a nerd... what is your fantasy?

So what are we looking for, exactly?

Steamy sex stories, number one. Focused on nerds and their world.

Extra points if you can make us teary-eyed over the end of alienation or hurt for your main character, make us laugh (in a good way), or reach under our skirts and begin to masturbate.

Super bonus points if you can do all three!

We will select one Grand Prize Winner and one Second Place Winner, with awards as follows:

Grand Prize Winner will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Second Place Winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate

Also, both winners will receive the coveted contest winner icon with their story.

The contest begins now, and ends July 20, 2006.

Yes, you may enter more than one submission (but no simultaneous submissions to other publishers, please).

All entries are to be submitted via the author's area at the Tit-Elation website. Please put "Nerd Contest" in the teaser section.

All submissions are held to the regular site guidelines, and as such are eligible for publication at the site and considered for inclusion in the "Best Of" print books. So yes, this means accepted stories also are eligible for other compensation. Enter the contest and see how popular your nerd story is!

New Man Magazine

For Men On a Mission

Writer/Publicist Guidelines

Our Purpose: "Helping men to develop Christ-centered perspectives that will transform their lives, their families and their worlds."

Our History: With a circulation exceeding 100,000, New Man is America’s #1 magazine for Christian men.

Our Content

New Man is about spiritual transformation. The magazine is aimed at "men on a mission" (not a specific demographic, but a TYPE of man). These are men who are passionate about God and want more of Him in their lives. Men who crave adventure, take risks and pursue truth. Men who realize that an adventure with the Creator doesn’t begin and end on Sunday morning, but everywhere, everyday!

Each issue, we profile "men on a mission"- church leaders, professional athletes, businessmen and entertainers- completed by Christ, these men are transforming their lives, their families and their worlds. Plus, we offer biblical perspectives from today's Christian leaders, and tons of candid and practical, not predictable, advice about marriage, parenting, work, health and fitness, sex, God and faith.

New Man challenges men to apply biblical teaching to every area of their lives. It is bold, in-your-face and benefit-oriented in approach. Never boring, but always relevant and Christ-centered.

New Man is described like this: Practical. Candid. Entertaining. Radical. Masculine. Gritty. Key topics of interest include: spiritual growth, evangelism, discipleship, risk taking, leadership, integrity, physical fitness, stewardship, sex, marriage and family, faith and entertainment, sports, thrill and adventure, relationships.

We do not publish fiction, sermons or poetry.

Our Procedures

* New Man magazine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Articles are developed in-house and written by free-lance writers with whom we have worked in the past. Those who would like to be considered for future assignments can send writing samples and article ideas to the address below (e-mail preferred). Please study the magazine before submitting article ideas.

* If you are a publicist looking to pitch story ideas or products for possible review in New Man, please send your materials to the address below. Please know that we consider everything sent to us. Follow-up phone calls are not necessary.

* We buy ALL RIGHTS.

Write to us at New Man magazine, 600 Rinehart Road, Lake Mary, FL 32746, e-mail us at, or call us at 407-333-0600.

See the guidelines for more information.

Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism

For a proposed special issue of Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism on the subject Women, Hip-Hop, and Popular Music, we invite critical essays, creative work, and interviews or conversations with music artists/practitioners from a variety of disciplines, practices, and cultural scenes. Music may be broadly defined to include spoken word, dub poetry, DJs, low- and high-tech innovations, etc. We especially invite submissions that highlight global and transnational perspectives on women, hip-hop from around the globe, and other forms of popular music, such as rock, pop, punk, alternative, new age, R&B, gospel, jazz, country, Latin, reggae/ragga/reggaeton, soca-calypso, Bengali, various world music genres, etc. High priority will be given to submissions that utilize critical race feminist analyses.


popular music and feminist consciousness (performers, political activists, lyricists, producers, club and radio DJs, etc.).
marginal pop music personas (e.g. Enya, Zap Mama, Sade, Me shell Ndegeocello, Ani Difranco, Björk).
historical recoveries and research of women s popular music in the past.
marginalization of women musicians (including vocalists and rappers) in music industries and/or academic studies.
representations of women in popular music, the media, public performances, etc.
music at the movies (marketing of movie soundtracks, silent movie era, movie portrayals of music artists, Bollywood playback singers and item girls, etc.).
local artists, global markets, world music scenes (cross-cultural efforts by women music artists to increase their profiles, cultural appropriations, and/or globalizing trends).
appropriation of women s music (male and/or mainstream takeover of female music expressions).
hip-hop, popular music, and the military industrial complex.
teaching hip-hop and popular music in the feminist classroom.

Essays should not exceed 9,000 words or 35 pages, including all endnotes and references (typed and double-spaced, using Chicago style); abstracts should be 150 words.

Send only email attachments in Word format.

CFP Email:
R. Dianne Bartlow
Janell Hobson

Deadline: December 1, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006

Posted at MySpace Erotica Group

Found this post at the MySpace Professional Erotica Writers group directing folks to a MySpace blog, and I thought it was worthy of attention.

Not only did I not know that sex writing gigs were hard to find (I find no problems in posting gigs and calls for submissions!), but I didn't know that Sex Writer was ending (time for me to check and update the sidebar links, hmm?).

I encourage you authors to stop in and join the discussion -- who knows what we may find out!

Write-Your-Own Porn Scene Contest

Eric Spitznagel, author of Fast Forward: Confessions of a Porn Screenwriter, wants to read your sex scene!

Read all the contest details.

Deadline: July 31st, 2006
Compensation: Prizes will include signed copies of Fast Forward and Eric’s upcoming bio on Ron Jeremy, The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz. Other prizes (including cold, hard, dirty cash!) to be announced soon.

Tough Girls: Down and Dirty Dyke Erotica

Editor: Lori Selke
Publisher: Haworth Press/Alice Street Editions

Deadline: October 1, 2006
Payment: $50 on publication

I'm proud to announce the return of Tough Girls!

And I'm looking for submissions.

That's right. I'm compiling the long-awaited second volume in the "Tough Girls: Down and Dirty Dyke Erotica" series. The first book was a big success and garnered a nomination for a Lambda Literary Award; unfortunately, the first print run sold out, and then the press (Black Books)
went bankrupt. The first volume is now a sought-after rarity. Now, Haworth Press/Alice Street Editions has taken up the torch.

Tough girls are sexy. Tough girls are dangerous. Girls like us, we have to be tough. We have to stake our claim to erotic pleasure in a hostile world. Sometimes we get a little rough about it. Sometimes we get a lot rough. Most of the time, we like it that way.

What I'm looking for:

Original erotic short stories up to 5K words, featuring sex between women that involves some component of power exchange, "rough sex," or violence. Nothing explicitly nonconsensual, and the usual laundry list of restrictions apply (no incest, no bestiality, no underage protagonists,

Also, I'm more interested in exploring the various forms rough sex and power exchange can take between two (or more) women than I am in conventional "leather lifestyle" accoutrements and scene reports.

I’m open to realistic fiction, historical settings, fantasy and science fiction, and experimental work. Feel free to query if you have specific concerns.

Make it hot, make it dirty, make it larger than life, make it achingly real. Be smart, be sharp, be transgressive, be unapologetic.

Finally, please feel free to define "women" any way you like. Authors of submissions can be of any gender.

Send your submissions to Lori Selke, editor, Be sure to include the words “TOUGH GIRLS SUBMISSION” in your header.

Deadline: October 1, 2006
Compensation: $50 on publication

The Shadow Sacrament

Top Dog Press is looking for writing on all aspects of sex and gender as they relate to spirituality. Details can be found here.

Book reviewers are currently needed for books on Pagan subjects; please contact Skian@topdogpress for more info.

For the Summer 2006 Issue, the theme will be Eastern Spirituality, and we would especially like to see poetry and personal essays related to Tantra. Deadline for the Summer issue, July 5, 2005.

Submissions for future issues are ongoing. Upcoming themes include Bottoming for God (BDSM as a spiritual path of submission, Fall 2006) and a special fiction issue, slated for next summer. For the fiction issue, we will be looking for speculative stories about having sex with a deity, or in the afterlife, or while channeling spirits, or with angels, or...? Submissions need not be erotically graphic, but may be; plot and characters are more important than sex -- for Summer 2007.

Compensation: Poems and work up to 3000 words: $10 US; 3000+ words, $20 US,
payable on publication.

Female Columnists Wanted

Are you knowledgeable about issues that affect women in their twenties?

I'm looking for hip female writers for a biweekly column about women's issues. The columns should be accurate and unbiased, but also entertaining and appealing to women in their twenties, and will be used for a new section of, a social networking website and online magazine for women. When responding, please attach a writing sample and specify "Women's Issues" in the subject of your email to

Also looking for an engaging, entertaining sex columnist that can appeal to a twenty-something female audience. Please attach a relevant writing sample and mention "sex columnist" in the subject of your email to

The Power of Masculinities

Phyllis Baker, Associate Dean College of Arts and Sciences
University of Northern Iowa
Harry Brod, Professor of Arts and Humanities
University of Northern Iowa

Theme: Empirical or theoretical contributions on any aspect of masculinities.


* How Pluralized Concept "msaculinities" empowered researchers and activists to explore the diversities of masculinities?

* What do the inherent complexities in the constructions and presentations of masculinities tell us about the relationships among gender, power and masculinities?

* What are the connections between masculinities and power? For example, in what ways are masculinities also patriarchies?

* How does scholorship on masculinities empower people to change undesireable aspects of masculinities?

You may choose your own style sheet, (provided you remain consistent within your contribution); select a more or less personal and tone of writing (academic, letter, opinion peice, philosophical essay, etc) create a piece of art of music (with a short artist's statement defining how your contribution relates to the topic at hand); write a review of a relevant publication (boo, video, art, etc)

All CFP's must be submitted electronically.

CFP Email:
Social Sciences-, (319) 273-2109
Humanities and Arts- (319) 273-2693

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Spotted at Craig's List...

Writer For Leading Gay Blog

New Sex Mag Seeking Writers

Midnight Showcase Novels

Midnight Showcase is a print and ebook format publisher.

NOTE: Romance is used to mean both Romance and Erotic-ahh Romance Genres. Our novels/Special Editions are both regular romance and erotic-ahh romance.

Erotic-ahh Romance means sex, NOT porn. Your story may be rejected because it does not have enough sexual content, but additionally, it will be rejected if there is no visible story line. Erotic-ahh Romance love scenes are just that a love scene, they can range from sensual all the way through to scorching and explicate! The sex must be enjoyable for the two main characters and ON screen. A horrible rape isn’t sexy, but it may be necessary for the story. In such a case, keep it OFF camera. We have confidence in your writing skills and know you can pull it off.

The best blending of erotic-ahh and romance we’ve seen uses sexual tension as well as the on screen sex act. Allowing the reader to know the thoughts and emotions of the main characters captures the imagination in an erotic-ahh story.


Midnight Showcase calls to published authors for both Romance and Erotic-ahh Romance Novels in the listed Special Genres.

Midnight Showcase is placing a special call for submissions for the following complete novels containing 45,000 to 100,000 words for print and ebook formats:

Moonlight Gothic - When romance held the suspense and mystery of love untold. Kisses were taken in shadows where ghosts walk between reality. Can you write a love story that will grip the reader in a vise of suspense, make them want love to rule against the darkness? Gothic romance is a beautiful genre that uses many techniques in the romance, see if yours will work.

Night Moves - All things unexplainable will rule in Night Moves. Give the readers your best creature of darkness, demon of the unexplained and make them lovable and wanted by their lover.

Dragon's Fire - When fairies ruled the forest glen, elves dance in the moonlight and unicorns races through the mist, the world is filled with fantasy and love, dragons and gargoyles, and more. Use your imagination and take the reader for a ride into the world like no other, filled with danger and dark heroes that will capture the readers.

Horizon - Beyond today there is a new world, one filled with all kinds of possibilities. Create this new world and give us an adventure and love story that will never end.

Western Skies - When the sun is setting and it turns the prairie gold, you can feel the magic in your blood and the love in your heart for the West. Gold rush, saloons, bordello, bucking horses and cattle drives, Indians and the Calvary, there is no end to the stories it took to build this country. In those stories there is always a hero and heroine that can ride into the dusky sunset. Can you tell their adventure in your Western Romance novel?

Silent Shadows - The lightening streaks across the sky as the shadow draws back into the darkness, a woman screams and shots are fired! Soon police sirens are heard in the distance, a door slams and figure runs down the street to escape...Mystery is a living genre in our lives and one that takes a special type of author, show me your mystery and don't forget to save the heroine in the process.

Timeless - Time is the illusive gift of life, many of us can go back in time. Do we die or do we jump into another reality? Can a person control time? Can they find love in a past century when the present denies them? Can you write the adventure in time that will bring two lovers together?

Daybreak - In our everyday lives we find many things, but only love can make it worth the risks. Write your best contemporary romance and we will see if your romance story will shine.

Sunset - If anyone ever says "I can't think of a thing to write" they have forgotten to look back, take that step back into history. The stories are endless, the lives that were lived hold so many adventures to be told, love to reawaken and share with your readers. Tell us the story of your favorite time in history and the heroes that made it happen.

Please read the submission guidelines for more information.

The Romer Review

The Romer Review is currently being published quarterly and each issue includes feature articles, book reviews, interviews, and literary commentary. All submissions must be sent by e-mail only.

Currently, there is no payment, but writers are given a by-line and/or a tagline. Any writers who are interested in submitting to the Romer Review should visit the site periodically and check out our “Call For Writers” posting to see exactly what our needs are for the upcoming issues.

Find more details here.

The Romer Review supports the African-American literary community, including help with book reviews.

New Web site, is looking for submissions:

I need writers who can write witty, fun articles about sex (sexual health, pleasure, how-to's, etc.) that aren't trashy or prudish. Think Maxim magazine, not Hustler.

We accept queries. We also make assignments (few now, more in future). Query or send clips to You can also check out the site, although only a few pages are currently available. Full launch is scheduled for early to mid July 06.

Article length should be around 600 words - - more or less is OK, too, depending on the topic and your approach to it.

Payment Options

Cash: Typical pay is $15-30 for queried articles; possible more if we assign.

Product: Instead of $15-30 cash, you can choose to get $30-60 or more in free product (and we have some great products!!) We'll send you a catalog you can choose from.

We also need marketing help, for which we pay commission (see our ad in the "Non-Paying" section of this Job Bank). Please contact if interested.


One2One Magazine

With a keen attitude, the single life can be as liberating as a presidential pardon, and that's why One2One Living magazine finds the best resources under the sun for singles.

One2One Living's readers are premium selective singles (mainly professionals) seeking electrifying articles that entertain yet provide useful insight on everything from sex to politics. They are interested in provocative, innovative ideas and events, as well as current issues that affect them. They want reliable and unbiased information.

One2One's focus is ENTERTAINMENT (Movie, Music Reviews etc), TRAVEL, CULTURE, EVENTS, STYLE & DATING for single men and women.

Articles should not be patronizing or talk down to our readers. One2One Magazine is a forum for both men and women, so please keep that in mind. Ensure that your articles satisfy everyone's needs.

Although we have nothing against articles about big-breasted women with prominent nipples, and men with massive generative members, we prefer intelligent yet provocative articles. No matter what the topic is, articles you provide us should be informative yet explosively entertaining. The style should be charismatic, sometimes sarcastic but never boring or conservative, oddball humor goes a long way.

Lists are ALWAYS in high demand. Our readers are hip and trendy and the articles should reflect that. Article MUST be inviting and thought provoking. It's a forum for discussing provocative topics that promote thought, laughter and discussion.

Feature Length: 1200-1500 words. Reviews: 250 words or less, Columns 750-1500 words. All graphics should be 300 dpi or better, black and white images may be 200 dpi.

Headlines be should creative yet concisely convey the basic information in the article.

Where appropriate, articles should include personalized real-life examples of singles. Before including a specific person, clear it with us.

Our readers enjoy bulleted or numbered lists.

Contact information for all individuals mentioned in the article must be included at the end of the article so we can easily verify the details. This should include each person's name, phone number, e-mail address.

Short Writer's bio with contact information for readers, preferably an email address.

Compensation: Negotiable

For more details on how to submit, read the guidelines.

Men Speak Out: ProFeminist Views on Gender, Sex and Power

How can we better understand and imagine new possibilities for men and feminism?

Are you a guy who hates sexism? Do you call yourself a feminist? Have you spent hours over coffee (or beer) thinking about issues of gender, power, race, class, and sexuality? Are you involved with social justice activism? If so, then you have stories to tell and I'd like to hear what you have to say.

To receive a more detailed description of this project please send an email to:

Deadline: September 15, 2006

Men Speak Out: ProFeminist Views on Gender, Sex and Power will be published by
Routledge in November, 2007.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Whispers Publishing

Whispers Publishing is looking for spicy, sensual love stories which leave a reader breathless, intense plots, alpha males, strong heroines and sizzling dialogue. Though strong conflict is
necessary, it should not detract from the passionate relationship. Sub-plots should be kept to a minimum as should secondary characters.

We will not accept any story outside the bounds of sexual relationship between consenting adults.

Stories should be 35,000 words or less with a minimum of 10,000 words as most, if not all, of the stories will be included in paperback anthologies. A standard publication contract will be issued, and payment terms vary according to the number of authors in the paperback anthology;
however, for the initial e-book release of the novella, the author will be compensated at 45% of the retail price of the book.

Any genre is accepted at present.

To submit:

Send detailed query which should include a brief bio, a blurb about the book and your publishing credits, if any, to: Make sure your name, address and telephone number are included with your query.

Include the first chapter of your story in doc format.

Please contact with any questions.

Reading List for Adult Writers (web)

Information is power, so read and become more powerful writers.

As you know, I firmly believe that adult authors must be authentic writers first, so here are Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Jumpstart Your Writing Efforts. (Excellent collection of links and info, including the comments.)

Also, check the archieved articles on 'How to Write' from the old

Know your niche:

Why Mainstream Gay Mags Suck, is a humorous rant, which authors might find inspirational for topics to address in their writings.

$10,000 Cash Prize for Lesbian Writers

The Lesbian Writers Fund of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice works for social, racial and economic justice in the U.S. and internationally. Our grant-making and philanthropic advocacy programs help lesbians and allied communities challenge oppression and claim their human rights.

Astraea's Lesbian Writers Fund supports the work of emerging lesbian writers, and acknowledges their contributions to our movement and culture. First place awardees in each category receive $10,000, and there are additional cash prizes for runners-up.

This year's deadline for application is Friday, June 30, 2006.

For additional information on Astraea, or to find listings of previous Lesbian Writers Fund grantees and panelists, please check the website.

Guidelines and application forms are available online, or you may contact them at 212-529-8021, ext. 22 or via email at:

Self Published Author Essays

Currently we're seeking personal essays from successful writers who chose the self-publishing or print-on-demand route. Your essay must tell the reader how you got to where you are today, and it must share some of your marketing tips--marketing tips that helped your book become successful.

These three things are required in order for us to buy your essay:

1. You must post as much of the essay as possible, please.

2. Your personal essay MUST be written using AP style.

3. Your personal essay must include your bio (50 words or less) at the end.

If you have any questions before submitting your personal essay, don't hesitate to ask.

I do apologize, but because we're still a new publication (launched in June 2006) we can only afford to pay $10 per essay at this time. Later, as the e-zine grows more, we do have plans to increase our pay rates, but currently we can only afford the rate listed above, and you will also get your bio placed at the end of your essay.

Amount of articles: No limit at this time. Will look at all.
Price per article: $10-20
Length of article: 500 minimum and 1000 maximum

Seems like a nice way for self-published authors to get some promotion for themselves and their books -- and get paid a bit to boot!

To find out more, such as what publication this will be at, or contact with questions, you'll need to login (and registration is free) at Constant Content.

Zeugma Literary Journal

Zeugma Literary Journal is currently accepting submissions for our August issue.

We’re looking to fill our pages with quality writing from out of left field.

We accept:

• Original Fiction, Poetry, and Erotica
• Non-fiction, Personal Essays
• Reviews of the Printed and Electronic Word
• Comics, Line Drawings and Photography

We value alternative perspectives, good stories, insightful commentary and command of the English language. No academic essays, no political tracts, no bad philosophy. Please note: this doesn’t mean we’re opposed to work with an academic or philosophical bent. It just means we don’t
want to read the first chapter of your thesis. We’re looking for work that appeals to a broad yet literate audience, so if you can rock philosophy or any -ology in a way that will interest people without graduate degrees, we’d love to see it.

Unpublished and published contributors are equally welcome.

Contributors are paid with a small honorarium and two copies of the issue in which their work is printed.

DEADLINE: June 30, 2006.

Submissions and queries to Tomasz Mrozewski and Meghan Beresford at:


Please send your submission with “Submission” and your name in the header.

Word Limit: 3000 words, though serial publication may be considered for longer works.

Submissions Limit: We ask contributors to respect a limit of five submissions per quarterly submission period.

Please notify us in advance of any prior publications of the work in any form. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but we’d like to know if someone snaps up your work before we do.

We prefer to receive our submissions as Word attachments (Word ‘97 or higher) but failing that, you can always cut and paste your submission into the body of your email. We’ll figure it out either way. Please be aware, however, that any special formatting may be lost if you opt to

Plain-type, black 12-point font is appreciated. Curlicues and hot pink type are hard on our eyes, and if we can’t read it, we can’t print it.

Word count and bio are appreciated, though not mandatory.

Do Unto Others

While I am busy trying to catch up on posting all the calls and news, I'd like to remind you of a few courtesies...

* Please Name Drop When submitting or contacting a publication, editor or other contact regarding a posting you found here at Naughty Words, please tell them where you found the information. This helps ensure they continue to contact me regarding calls for submissions and other news, which makes it much easier and less time consuming for me. It's also a nice way to keep in the practice of networking.

* Please Drop Some Coins in the ol' tip jar via Amazon. Many of you are here daily, or at least weekly, and quite a number of you are here several times a day (I know, I check my stats!) Obviously you consider this a worthy resource. Please consider the service I provide and ask yourself, "Isn't it worth a few dollars?" There's a box displayed on the right side of this blog for a reason...

Please consider these actions as polite ways to thank me for my time and effort as well as to urge me to continue this blog. While emails and posts are kind reminders of my help, and most welcome, there are many days that as a writer on deadlines it is all too easy to ignore this service.

Battleground: Women and Gender Greenwood Publishing

Theme: Greenwood Publishing is producing a series on contemporary issues pertaining to women s lives, gender and sexuality in the United States as part of a larger multi-volume reference collection on controversial issues and debates in contemporary society. I am writing to seek your help in finding authors for the series on women, gender and sexuality. Battleground: Women and Gender, a two-volume set, will be used widely at universities, colleges, public libraries and high schools throughout the United States and other English-speaking countries. A positive aspect of this publication is that it reaches a wide audience that extends beyond traditional academic communities. It focuses on a broad range of historical, cultural, economic and political issues.


* body politics (e.g., eating disorders, plastic surgery, body modification)
* gender identities and expression
* women s health (e.g., breast cancer, fibromyalgia, menopause and menstruation)
* colonialism, imperialism and capitalism
* gender and globalization
* politics (e.g., women s participation in right-wing and leftist movements)
* religion (e.g., women and fundamentalism)
* environment and sustainability (e.g., women s roles in development)
* representations of women in the media (e.g., film, television, music, advertising)
* sexual identities and practices
* lesbian and gay rights
* women's rights (e.g., Equal Rights Amendment, affirmative action)
* women and work (e.g., productive vs. reproductive work, the double shift )

Each author is asked to write about a wide range of issues and debates concerning the chosen topic. Entries range from 1,000 to 5,000 words, depending upon the theme. Authors will be awarded an honorarium and/or copy of the publication for her/his contribution (an author can offer to write multiple entries in this case, an additional honorarium would be offered). Please contact the editor for further information on specific entry topics and guidelines. Faculty, students, and independent scholars are welcome to contribute. Please forward this announcement to listserves and to other potential contributors.

CFPAddress: Please submit requests electronically.


Contact Email: Amy Lind,

Deadline: August 1, 2006 (negotiable, depends upon entry topic)

Signs Special Issue: War and Terror: Raced-Gendered Logics and Effects

Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society invites submissions for a special issue titled "War and Terror: Raced-Gendered Logics and Effects," slated for publication in Summer 2007.

"In war time, only men matter," claimed Mary Sargent Florence and C.K. Ogden, two British antiwar suffragists during World War I 1. Writing in Jus Suffragii, the newsletter of the International Woman Suffrage Association, they noted that hostility to feminism was a deliberate, sustained, and central project of nations involved in war-making. More recent studies of women and war, as well as feminist studies of war suggest the intensification of deep-seated cultural, racial, and gender stereotypes during war time. Peace is commonly associated with "feminine virtues" and war with regimes of masculinity. Rape in war seems to reinscibe violent subjection as a "normal" facet of racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender relations. The logic of "feminization" appears to structure practices of terror deployed to induce helplessness, dependence, fear, and compliance. As "the enemy" is feminized, the "warrior-hero" mythos reestablishes linkages between citizenship and military service, as well as leadership and presumed male superiority in managing national security, remasculinizing the domestic politics of warring nations.

Although proponents of democratization optimistically predict the elimination of war, the specter of war continues to haunt the global community. Depending on the definition of war, there are between sixty-five and two thousand sustained armed conflicts on-going in the twenty-first century. The once inviolable boundaries of the nationstate have become permeable to terrorism, transnational policing, and international peacekeeping forces, as state and anti-state terror refigure space, hierarchies, and freedoms. Taking on the mantle of the national security state, some liberal democracies have joined their authoritarian counterparts in violating the rule of law.

* How do contemporary armed conflicts and terrorist engagements challenge received views about the dynamics of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and sexuality in violent conflicts?
* Are feminism and feminist scholarship becoming casualties of growing militarism?
* Do feminist analyses of war and terror offer unique insights into these phenomena?

For this special issue, we invite submissions that address the complex dynamics of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality in war, war-making, and in the uses of terror against and by states in the prosecution of civil wars, ethnic conflicts, nationalist and imperialist military interventions. We welcome

* innovative analyses of women's involvement in war and terror (as combatants, military and political decision-makers, interrogators of military captives, providers of logistical support, medical personnel, sex workers, hostages, political prisoners, UN peacekeepers and peacebuilders, human rights workers, NGO activists, and activists in resistance to occupying forces);
* the impact of war on women (as direct casualties, as mothers, as war refugees, as victims of sexual violence by militants, combatants, and domestic partners, women's experiences of loss in relation to families, communities, nations);
* factors that contribute to women's support for and resistance against specific wars and terrorist campaigns; particular racial and gendered processes and effects associated with specific kinds of war (civil, ethnic, nationalist, imperialist);
* the gendered and racialized logics and rhetorics of war; the production and reproduction of gender, race, and sexuality in and through war and terror;
* unintended racial and gendered consequences of war and of terrorism; cultural representations and cultural productions of and about race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality in war and in terror, historical approaches to these complex questions.

Analyses that encompass transnational and comparative perspectives are particularly welcome.

Please send submissions to Signs between March 1 and July 1, 2006. Guidelines for submission are available at here.

African-American Romance Anthology

Nationally bestselling and award-winning authors Niobia Bryant and Kim Louise are seeking submissions of short stories for an upcoming African-American romance anthology.

We want to showcase the very best romance authors out there, whether published or unpublished. We are looking for stories that capture the very essence of a loving relationship and will resonate and remain with the reader long after they close the book. This anthology is an attempt to honor the romance writers who blazed the way, uplift the writers of today, and open the doors for those to come. We want an anthology that will properly represent the African-American romance genre in the same tradition that contemporary African-American fiction was represented by Terry Mcmillan's Breaking Ice: An Anthology of Contemporary African-American Fiction and Clarence Major's Calling the Wind:Twentieth Century African-American Short Stories.

Anthology Concept

* The stories must have at least one love scene.

* The relationships must be heterosexual.

* Stories should be in one of the following genres:
Contemporary Romance
Romantic Suspense
Romantic Comedy
Futuristic Romance (science fiction)
Paranormal Romance
Fantasy Romance
Historical Romance
Interracial (One of the characters must be African-American)

Submission Guidelines

* All stories must be written in proper manuscript formatting--12pt. Courier New, double spaced with one-inch margins.

* Stories should be 2500 - 3500 words (10-14 pages with proper

* E-mail your story to No attachments will be accepted. Please paste your submission into the body of the e-mail. Any stories sent as an attachment will be deleted. Please put SUBMISSION in the subject line.

* Be sure to include your name, contact information, and your story's genre on a cover sheet WITH THE STORY. The final selection process will take a while, so if your contact information changes, please keep us informed.

* Only original stories that have not been published in any format are allowed.

* Just one story per author and please submit to us exclusively.

* All stories may be edited for content and length.

* Submissions will be accepted June 1, 2006 until September 1, 2006.


* There will be a payment for each story accepted for the final publication. Each contributor will receive copies of the completed project and a payment of $100.00.

* Also every contributor will be able to include a bio in the Contributors Section of both the book and the offical web site.

Please feel free to forward this information to all interested parties.

We look forward to reading your stories.

Thank you,
Niobia & Kim

Tiresias Revisited: Magical Tales for Transfolk

Publisher: Lethe Press
Payment: 1 cent per word, minimum 25.00 per story

Deadline: October 1, 2006

Story Length: 2,000-8,000 words. Shorter or longer works may be considered on a case-by-case basis; please query first.


Electronic: Email submissions are strongly encouraged as either .doc or .rtf files. Please send them to upstart.crow at gmail dot com. To ensure your submission is properly processed, be sure to put ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION and your LAST NAME in all caps in the email's subject line.

Standard formatting guidelines apply.

Snail mail: Though discouraged, discs (IBM format, please) and hard copies will be accepted at the following address:

Tiresias Revisited
c/o JoSelle Vanderhooft
PO Box 1921
Sandy, Utah 84091-1921

Please include an SASE if you want your manuscript returned.

Please, no multiple submissions. Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as we are made aware of this and informed if another market accepts the story first.

What We Want: Speculative fiction featuring transgender characters prominently, as protagonists or antagonists. These can be retellings of myth and legends that feature transgender characters, retellings which put a transgender spin on old stories, or original myths and legends featuring transgender characters. These can be from any culture or time period, from Ancient Greece to the Urban Legends of 21st Century America. We want a diverse collection of stories featuring male to female and female to male transgenders, and forms of gender identification that fall outside these labels.

What We Don't Want: Pornography, pedophilia, gratuitous sex, violence, language and drug use that don't serve the plot, vampires, stories that haven't gone through a spell and grammar check.

Potentially Asked Questions:

Do I have to be transgendered to submit?: No, not at all! We encourage submissions from authors of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We're interested in a good story, not its author's personal life.

You said you don't want porn, does this mean I can't send you erotica?: We will gladly consider erotica. We only ask that the sex not be exploitive and exist for something other than to merely titillate the reader. In other words, we want good characters, an engaging story and beautiful language first, whether or not sex is part of this.

When will the anthology be released?: As of now, we are planning for an April 2007 release.

More questions? Feel free to email the editor at upstart.crow at gmail dot com

- JoSelle Vanderhooft, editor

An Anthology of Lesbian Sleuths & the Supernatural

For Women Writers Only

Word Length: 7 000 - 10,000 words

Payment: $100 Flat Fee Per Story

Submission Period: July 2006 - November 2006

Reading Period: December 2006 - April 2007

Ghosts, haunted castles, and things that go bump in the night. A trip to Egypt; the mummies and the pull of a primordial tomb. Ancient Aztec ruins and the burning fever of a jungle. Is a sinister cult operating in a small town near you? Do you feel the pull of something otherworldly just beyond the veil of everyday? The supernatural have existed in cultures for thousands of years, all around the world.

I am looking for stories that explore these and other weird happenings, and are centered around a 'whodunit' type conundrum. The sleuth of the story-whether amateur or professional-must be a lesbian character. No excessive violence. Humor is welcome. No fan fiction. Character driven stories with strong emphasis on storytelling essential.

If you're looking for a reference/indication of the types of stories I'm looking for, you should familiarize yourself with the following authors:

H.P. Lovecraft
Agatha Christie
Ray Bradbury
Arthur Conan Doyle
Harlan Ellison
Kim Antieau
Kathe Koja

Submissions should be unpublished, original short stories. If you feel you have a story that does not fit that word count but would be perfect for the anthology, please query to

Be sure your submission includes your surface mailing address and phone number in addition to a valid return email address.

Submissions (disposable copies) should be sent to:

Lynne Jamneck
129 Layard Street
Invercargill, 9501
New Zealand

Exceptions can be made for email subs, but query first to:

New Trans/Gender Variant Anthology


Edited by *Morty Diamond

Looking for first person stories from trans and gender variant writers about the experience of dating, sex, relationships, and finding love.

Topic examples: hilarious or heartbreaking dating stories, transitioning within a relationship, being trans and starting families, passing/not passing and how this affects our choices for dating, meeting our partners families, the idea of marriage - legal or otherwise, online dating,
anonymous sex, sex and dating before and after surgery and/or hormones, how we negotiate sex.

I strive to make this anthology as diverse as possible within age, race, sexuality, and gender identity. I encourage all writers who identify as transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, third gender, non-gender, or gender variant in some way to submit work.

The length of your work should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words. Sexually explicit work is ok. Please include a short biography with your work.

Please submit your writing via email to:

Deadline: August 2006

If your work is accepted you will be paid a stipend and will get two free
copies of the book.

*Morty Diamond is the editor of the book "From the Inside Out, FTM and Beyond" and the producer and director of the film "Trannyfags".

Additional Readings for Writers

I know I've directed you all to Jewel Scott's blog before, and it's on the sidebar link list, however, her recent post, Who Are the Editors? is worthy of singling the blog out yet again.

The same can be said for Mike Kimera's blog regarding this entry, How the first "real" reviews of my book "Writing Naked" helped me to understand why I wanted to be published.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sexual Harassment Training Article

Constant Content has a new article request on the benefits of sexual harassment training -- slightly off the beaten path for this blog, but non-fiction sexuality writers may be just the folks to write the piece! ;)

Length of article:300
Subjects:covering several aspects of sexual harassment training benefits.
Date requested:06-12-2006
Other notes:must cover "sexual harassment training" keyword for SEO purposes.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oysters & Chocolate Poetry Contest

Oysters & Chocolate is hosting its first-ever poetry competition.

The sexiest poem earns a $300 cash prize and will be featured on our homepage. You will also be given a free one-month pass to the zine.

* Your poem must be original and previously unpublished.
* Poems can be up to 40 lines long.
* We appreciate originality and a good sense of language and style. And of course being that this is an erotic publication, the poem needs to be sexy. This is also a classy publication so we're not looking for just a raunchy sex scene, although raunchy sex built into a well-constructed, well-written poem is welcome.

Deadline: August 10, 2006

Please read our COMPLETE submission guidelines here.

Get crackin! And good luck!

Yen Relish Quarterly Submissions Guidelines

Yen Relish is seeking compelling short fiction, poetry and artwork in the erotica genre. We will be making judgments as to literary or artistic merit on the basis of submissions that include the following:

1. We are looking to be captured by your work. If you are passionate about what you've crafted, then we want the opportunity to consider it for publication in Yen Relish Quarterly.

2. Steer clear of the basic Don'ts List made necessary in the erotica genre. We strongly recommend reading previous issues to get a feel for what we like (note: we are currently preparing a Yen Relish PRE-Edition so that this is possible, though the hardback anthology The Right Words is representative of what Stevie Burns has published in the past).

3. Quality is key, as ever. If you aren't sure your work is ready for publication, then it isn't. Poetry should be inventive, not cliche. Fiction should be compellingly naughty, and artwork should be clean and finished.

Please submit your story or poem using our online submission form, including two returns between each paragraph or verse. If you have any difficulty submitting online or are submitting artwork, please send a query to Stevie Burns at bookergirl34 at yahoo dot com and you will receive instructions on how to submit your work via email without it being deleted.

We publish on a quarterly schedule, with publications released on the 15th of March, June, September, and December.

Submissions are always open for whichever issue is next to be filled.

Submissions currently under consideration will be for Issue One (September 15, 2006).

You may send your submission anytime and we will give you feedback as quickly as possible. Please allow us up to four weeks to inform you if we have accepted your work for publication. You will usually hear from us much sooner.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please inform Editor Stevie Burns immediately at bookergirl34 at yahoo dot com if your work has been accepted somewhere else for publication.

Multiple submissions are accepted, especially if submitting in more than one area (ie artwork and poetry). Please send no more than three (3) pieces per submission period.

We are not particularly interested in previously published written works but may be persuaded if what you've written really blows our socks off or if the circulation it has received thus far is under 4,000 readers. (If you have displayed your writing on your own website we would like to know about it, as we will be directing our readers there should we publish your submission.)

Print Rights: We ask for first publication rights. After your work has been published in Yen Relish Quarterly, you may submit it for publication elsewhere, with the caveat that 'as first published in' credit be given Yen Relish.

Yen Relish Quarterly is a Booker Girl Publication. You may access our Sample Contract for writers here.

Keep in mind that the Terms of the Contract as noted in Clause Nine (9) would be proportionately scaled based on your compensation and our mutually decided plans for publication of your work. This is only a sample contract, and serves to provide you with a general idea of what you can expect from Yen Relish in regards to fairness, compensation and legal jargon.

Send your query letter to: Stevie Burns: bookergirl34 at yahoo dot com

For The Girls 3rd Birthday Fiction Competition

To celebrate our 3rd birthday, For The Girls is conducting another erotic fiction competition. Our aim is to uncover more great examples of sexy writing created expressly for women. This year we have a cunnilingus theme.

The competition will run throughout June and July and is open to FTG members as well as members of the public. Both professional writers and amateur wordsmiths are welcome to enter.

Competition Rules:

1. Stories should be a maximum of 2000 words in length.

2. Stories can cover any topic, however it must be erotic in nature, sex positive and be written expressly for female readers.

3. Any sex in these stories must feature at least one act of cunnilingus.

4. We will not accept stories that feature any of the following themes or acts: non-consensual sex, bestiality, underage sex, incest, violent or abusive sex, or anything where women are treated without respect.

5. We will not accept stories if the spelling or punctuation are substandard.

6. Stories should be original and previously unpublished.

7. You may use a pseudonym or penname if you wish, however we also need to know your real name for the purposes of the competition.

8. You must be aged 18 or over to enter.

9. All stories must have a title.

10. You may submit a maximum of three stories.

The judges will be looking for high quality writing, original ideas, intriguing characters and situations and - of course - steamy sex scenes. Don't just send blow-by-blow descriptions of sex. Talking can be just as exciting as doing. Remember that your story is aimed at a female audience.

If your story is a winner it will be published on the For The Girls website.

Rights to the three winning stories shall be exclusive to For The Girls for six months, after which For The Girls retains the non-exclusive right to archive the stories on the site indefinitely.

If your story is selected as an "honorable mention" For The Girls retains the non-exclusive right to archive the stories on the site indefinitely.

How To Enter:

Please email your stories, either in the body of the email or attached as a Word or Text document to: Include your real name, pseudonym if required and ensure that your email address is one you use regularly.

The email should have "FTG Short Story Competition" as the subject line.

Please ensure your entry does not contain html tags or excessive formatting. Entries should be single spaced.

All entries must include the author declaration (see below) in the body of the email.

Entries close midnight 31 July, 2006. Winners will be notifed by email and the results published on the For The Girls website tour on August 22, 2006.

The Prizes:

First Prize is $200 + publication + 1 month membership to For The Girls

Second Prize is $100 + publication + 2 weeks membership to For The

Third Prize is $50 + publication + 1 week membership to For The Girls

Up to 10 "Honorable Mention" prizes of $10 + 1 week membership to For The Girls may be awarded at the judges discretion.

All prizes are in US dollars. Payment must be via electronic means such as ePassporte or similar.

Author Declaration:

I hereby declare that I am the original author of this story and that it has not been previously published in any form. I own the copyright to this story. I am over 18. If I am a winner I agree to allow this story to be published according to the terms and conditions of the competition.

For more information, please see the contest rules.