Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sexy Articles for Women

A request at Constant Content:

I want smart, sexy, and intelligent writing in darn near all areas. Columns, articles, stories, etc... the focus is on the adoration of hot men (yes MEN).

The theme is female-focused fun. Be it sexual, food, drink, etc.

Amount of articles: Open
Price per article: $30-40
Length of article: Open, but typically less than 1200

Subjects: If it all ties into our key themes, it will be seriously considered. Subject doesn't matter as much as how it ties into our themes.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions as needed. Also, be creative and inventive. A new spin on a familiar topic, a different angle or perspective... this is what we're looking for.

For more information, register/login at Constant Content.

(Note: Constant Content often has reguests for articles on sexuality for website & blog use -- so even if this request is filled early, and no other similar requests are seen, the articles are often purchased by regular buyers at the site.)

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