Monday, May 01, 2006

Quick Exposure Gigs

I Liked Your Profile: A Collection of the Most Absurd Online Dating Emails, is seeking submissions. Check out the blog and consider making a submission. Thanks!


TheHuckleBuck is a website dedicated to sports, random & obscure humor, and everything in between. We are currently looking to add some female writers to our staff; if you're interested, please email us (when emailing us, just give a brief description of your style of writing; and what it is that you'd like to contribute - anything goes).

We don't get paid, and God only knows if we will (translation = neither will you); right now we're focusing on building up an audience and getting some really good content. Once we get the ball rolling we'll try to help out our staff with some money or coke, or both.

So why write for us? You'll get full credit for all your work; your own page on our site that you can fill with whatever the balls you want; another page that your name will appear on via google.

Check out the site, and if you're interested, drop us a line and we'll go from there.


Grindhouse Press is currently accepting writing submissions for issue #3 (expected release mid-may) in any and all the following genres:

exploitation, sexploitation, gonzo journalism, pulp, transgressive, ultra-violent, dark comedy, spaghetti western, mondo, noir, horror, erotica, drug culture, anarchist, and cult literature

writing submission include any of the following:

short stories, flash fiction, novellas, comic strips, graphic novels, gonzo-style nonfiction, articles, serials, screen-plays, 1-act plays, and poetry

your writing will not be censored in anyway and you are not confined to a word count, any length is fine. if it’s well written and fits then it’s in.

there is no charge for submitting, but there is also no pay for being featured. we are a free publication without advertisers, run by a group of writers, artists and journalists that believe in uncensored/unedited literary freedom and supplying a free medium with which to showcase and honor it.

if you’re interested in submitting: please include a short bio, your submission in a .doc or .rtf file or pasted into the body of your email, a photo if you want it to appear with your work and all contact information and email it to:

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