Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ever Been on a Bad Date?

Associated Content is awarding $100 to the top Worst Date Ever story that is submitted from now through Thursday, May 25th. And they're sending an additional $100 to the winner’s selected charity of choice.


- Submit your dating story (of at least 500 words) using the non-payment option until midnight EST next Thursday night. Your submission will be instantly posted to the site.

- Use the exact headline: Worst Date Ever in the headline field, and select the Lifestyles: Dating & Relationships category.

The winner will be selected based on a combination of User Ratings, Content Managers’ picks, and page views. So, submit your story, and send it to your friends! Encourage them to submit their own dating horror stories by signing up to become a Content Producer! We award $50 to the three top referrals per month- the next winner could be you!

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