Saturday, April 15, 2006

Writer for Sexual Content Website

Seeking a writing conversant in sexual subjects, sexual dysfunction and general sex ed.

This work will be incorporated into an expanded version of a current website ranked #1 by Google in its category for the past 5 years. For a more valuable, contemporary look, it needs much more content. The material would belong to me and I will pay $25 per article. I would be happy to have only 1 or 2 people do all the writing if they have adequate time.

I am seeking a writer conversant with the field of sexuality: men and women's sexual dysfunction, differences in desire, the impact of disease on sex, healthy functioning, some research summary, the psychology of sex, etc.

This is more of a sex education site focused on sex surrogacy although there may be room for some erotica as well.

Please send (2)sample articles reflecting sexual content you have written, plus resume with phone number.

To respond, or for more information, contact

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