Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sexually Creative Writers Wanted

This email was forwarded to me:

To begin, I am purchasing this material for a project of mine that I will be developing for the next year or so. This material will be used for my website which will also be developed within approximately a year.

This is a work for hire. So, if you are comfortable with selling your work to me I am willing to buy them at an abundant rate of $25 per story. There will be no maximum of submitted material. However, as the writer, you will not have the right to the material or credit. If, my project sets sail in the direction that I am hoping, I will be glad to offer you an opportunity to
become an in-house writer for my project, thereupon, you WILL be given credit for your stories to thus develop your fan base following.

Also, you must be flexible to write in the format that I am looking. I am looking for a particular style of story telling. I am NOT looking for the conventional/normal form of sexual fantasies. I will let those who agree to this advertisement understand the criteria and requirements. Believe me, itÂ’s a piece of cake once you conceptualize the model of story telling that I need done.

Please respond to Thank you.

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