Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sex & Men Columns

Isabella is the voice of today’s woman. She is versatile, unique, and determined to speak her mind. The site is a gathering place for all Isabellas, to share, support, and encourage. We’re just regular women who have a few things to say and nothing to prove.

We are currently looking to expand our team of staff writers. If you love to write, believe in our project, and have a passionate perspective, please submit 2-3 writing samples that represent your versatility as a woman as well as a writer.

We are also accepting articles and/or creative writing by guests. If you have something to contribute but do not want to be considered for a staff position, please indicate this in your submission.

We can only publish material that has not been previously published.

For ideas on what they are looking for, check out their Intimate Details section.


Compensation: Profit Share & Contracts for Staff Writers. No Pay for Guest Writers.

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