Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Foxy Fiction

New to the e-publishing scene, Foxy Fiction is a young, up and coming enterprise searching for talented writers of interracial romantic erotica. In the US alone many have come to accept the thrill, excitement and pleasure found across the tracks, and Foxy Fiction is a strong contender for representing this ever growing lifestyle choice. Simply put, Foxy Fiction is the train making all stops in the genre of interracial fiction.

• Erotic IR Mysteries
• Erotic IR Thrillers
• Erotic IR Historicals
• Erotic IR Westerns
• Erotic IR Contemporary
• Erotic IR Sci-Fi Fantasy
• Erotic IR S & M

Foxy Fiction focus is always interracial and erotic: women of all races and sizes pair up with men of alternative races. In order to assure our readers get the very best in interracial romantic erotica, Foxy Fiction is very particular about the writers taken on board. Frivolous, poorly written, shallow manuscripts with no plot or direction need not apply. Foxy Fiction wants rich, involved, hypnotic, breathtaking, memorable, well thought out, original fiction - and unrivalled eroticism. We want stories that stun, shock and make readers gasp, without offending
readers. Foxy Fiction is about the smile, the day dream, the fantasy, the desire and fulfillment. If you have what it takes, then send your manuscript to Foxy Fiction!


Let’s get the no nos out of the way. Absolutely NO:

• Pedophile centered material. All characters involved in sexuality MUST BE 18 or older. We have zero tolerance for pedophilia, and you run the risk of being reported to local authorities.

• Bestiality excluding of course stories of "Fantasy with Vampires or Werewolves or other sci-fi horror changelings. No bestiality as in dogs, horses, barnyard animals, or the like.

• Perversions of sex acts meant to demean, degrade, abuse or kill.

• Extreme perversions of bodily fluids used as part of foreplay… NO!

• No overkill of harsh, slang words directed at genitalia or excessive use of terms lending to XXX Porn!

Manuscript should be in standard true type font, double spaced, and up to and no more than 50,000 words. Your manuscript MUST BE ORIGINAL ­& YOURS!

Submitted manuscripts must include the following information in the body of an email:

• About the manuscript:
1. Title and word count
2. Genre/Theme
3. Synopsis
4. First five chapters (send as an attached RTF document)

• About the author:
1. Name (and pseudonym, if applicable)
2. Primary E-mail
3. Biographical information/ previous publishing history

Direct all queries, questions and comments to the following email address: submissions@foxyfiction.com.

Be sure to check your spam / junk email blocker folders or files before deleting the content. Should an acceptance or rejection of your work go there and you’ve deleted it, you are
left waiting for a response already given.

For more information on submission details, advances, royalties, contracts, etc. visit the website.

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