Saturday, April 08, 2006

Distant Horizons Call for Submissions

Editor: Greg Herren
Publisher: Haworth Positronic Press

Greg Herren is looking for new and established writers to submit work to his queer themed science fiction anthology Distant Horizons, to be published by the Haworth Positronic Press in the summer of 2007.

Stories must focus on either queer characters or queer themes. Think future worlds, this world's future, or alien visitation. Be creative, be original, and dazzle me with your imagination. Erotic content will not mean automatic rejection, but as this is not an erotic themed anthology, erotic content must be integral to the story and the characters, not the focus of the story. I'm looking for originality, strongly developed characters, and strong writing. Think Azimov, Heinlein, and Ellison.

Novel excerpts and previously published work are acceptable.

Payment will be $100, on publication.


Electronic submissions will be deleted unread. A hard copy must be sent in to:

Greg Herren
5500 Prytania Street #215
New Orleans, LA 70115.

The story must be in a Times or Courier twelve point font, double-spaced with one inch margins. The author's name and the story title must appear on each page in the upper left hand corner with page numbers in the lower right. Please include a brief bio in the cover letter. Do not bind stories with anything other than paper clips. Any story that does not follow these guidelines will be automatically rejected, unread.

Submissions will not be accepted later than June 1, 2006.

Manuscripts will not be returned unless an SASE with sufficient postage is enclosed.

Please also enclose a stamped postcard, self-addressed, to acknowledge receipt of manuscript. If the card has not come back within two weeks of mailing, please send an inquiry to If you have any questions regarding the anthology or the guidelines, inquiries may also be sent to that email address. Please put Distant Horizons inquiry in the subject line.

Thank you.
Greg Herren, editor

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