Friday, April 14, 2006

Cult Magazine Submissions

Earl Kemp makes this request for suggestions of cult type magazines deserving of an article about them, with pictures:

Miracles come rarely but one hit me in the face recently. I've been asked to put together a book on old, cult, or unusual magazines of significance. It is projected as a large, heavily illustrated volume done in encyclopedic form by magazine name. No particular genre involved
but all of our favorites are certainly welcome, especially if I'm doing the getting of the material.

Here's a quote from the boss: "This book started out as an encyclopedia of cult magazines and will still use an encyclopedia like setup, going from A to Z, so that headings will be the one or two word title of a particular magazine for each essay (in some cases the editor/publisher will supercede his magazine[s]: Ray Palmer is a case in point). A more descriptive subhead will go underneath. If authors have any photos, representative images, documents, etc, we can certainly use them since this will be a heavily illustrated tome.

"I would like to see well-written, chatty essays full of information about the subject. Writers should give behind the scenes background (if possible), short history, bio of principal editor or publisher, and a sense of the magazine's audience. We will run cover images to illustrate each piece. Feel free to suggest short sidebars (interviews, personal anecdotes, stranger than truth incidents, sacrifices, etc.) to go along with the essays. I guess you can think of this project as a better-organized, oversized fanzine with superior production values."

And this is where you come in:

I'm eager for suggestions as to magazine title, content, sidebars, illustrations...everything you think you might like to write for the book on your favorite topic. Naturally they must be approved before you do the actual writing.

Keep in mind that this will be for pay for a real book and your bennies, should you be lucky enough to slip one past me, will include copies of the book, fame and fortune and, if you're really lucky, sharing some serconing in Amsterdam.

Please send me your tentative suggestions ASAP. We have something like six months maximum to get our stuff together and do it up right.


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