Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Brief Notes


Someone keeps emailing me regarding, asking me to keep an eye on this "exciting & unique writing contest site" (presumably so that I can post about it here). However, none of the contest themes fit into the genres I cover here -- and I am tired of checking in to see if/when they will. So, I now post it for any of you who wish to keep an eye on it. Please, dear blog reader known here as "Someone", stop emailing me about this, or I will block you.

Review Op

I've posted before about why reviews & reviewers are important, so I feel the need to mention this new review posting opportunity. At I see nothing to limit the reviews of erotica & sexuality titles... So both should be fair game.

This is run by the same folks who run, and it seems to have the same compensation -- affiliate monies.

Likely it won't make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, but again, why not support erotica & human sexuality publications? And maybe you've been toying with blogging anyway...

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