Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sex Website Reviewer, a new sex website review blog, is seeking a website reviewer. Since launching last week, the site has received 10,000 unique visitors, and positive write-ups on, and

We are seeking a writer who is capable of writing 3 or 4 reviews a week that run 100-500 words. We will provide passwords and anything else you need to do your job, you just have to have a computer and an internet connection - there is no physical office. Familiarity with WordPress and the ability to do screen captures and resize images is helpful, but I can walk the right person through the steps if need be.

To apply, please email a short bio, and let me know what writing/blogging/reviewing experience you have. Also let me know a bit about your tastes in porn: are there particular kinds of sites you prefer to review and others you prefer not to review? Generally writers will be required to review a variety of sites that they may/may not be into, but I like to know likes/dislikes anyway. Please also be prepared to write a sample review if I'm interested in talking with you further.


Compensation: We'll be earning revenue from sign-ups through the paysites we review, as well as through advertising. We believe that it will take us about 3 months to really get rolling and build up the traffic and interest to earn cash money. Once we start earning, writers will make 4% of the total revenue. This is a gamble, of course, but it means that our individual success will grow as the site grows - many paying blogs dole out $2-5 a post, and our earnings will be much better than this.

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