Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sensorotika Press

Sensorotika is now accepting submissions from established and aspiring authors. Currently, we are looking for short stories and manuscripts, primarily for publication in e-Book form.

We are primarily looking for quality erotic fiction - meaning story driven, focused on strong writing and description. While a story must be sexy - and explicitness is fine - the story must also be well crafted.

While there is no specific formula for publication, a title that will most likely be considered for publication will be described as:

* A story well told - dialogue and story constructs must be believable, even in fantasy settings. Authors are expected to have a grasp on good storytelling, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

* A story which pulls the reader in quickly.

* While the story does contain a high degree of sexuality, it does not contain purple prose. However, explicit descriptions and erotic actions are acceptable - and expected - in the context of a story.

Additional guidelines which must be met before submitting a manuscript:

* All authors must be 18 years of age or older.

* Authors or submitters must be the sole owner of the work or a legal representative ( i.e., literary agent) of the work.

Sensorotika does NOT, under any conditions, accept any of the following types of material:

* Pedophelia, which is sex or sexual acts between adults and underage characters in any form.

* Necrophelia, bestiality, zoophilia, scat, golden showers, rape, incest or snuff.

For more information, see their guideline and submission details.

Compensation: Royalty payments are 35% of net sales, except in cases where usage is purchased outright.

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