Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ruthie's Club

Ruthie's Club offers to its participating writers a range of services apart from payment. We have first class editors, we offer archives for authors, we illustrate all new stories through our own artists, and we publish on an attractive, appealing, award-winning website.

Below are what they are looking for in erotic stories, as well as their compensation:

Flash – $10.00 US Our Flashers are stories of 300 words or less that fulfill the requirements for plot, character development, and resolution. We normally group five flashers from different authors to fill a feature slot in our Story Schedule.

Story Groups – $45.00 US Stories shorter than 3,000 words are grouped as a duo, trio, or even a quartet, depending on length. For example, three short stories of about 1,200 words each can fill one feature slot.

Standalone Short – $45.00 US Stories long enough to fill a feature slot in our schedule are called standalones. These stories are typically 3,500 to 7,000 words.

Two Installment Stories – $60.00 US Stories 7,000–14,000 words are broken into two parts. Each part must be long enough to fill a feature slot (3,500–7,000 words). These installments will run in separate weeks.

Longer Installment Stories – $75.00–$350.00 US We have limited openings for stories more than 14,000 words run as serials. Exact pricing depends on the length of the serial.

For more information, please see their site submission guidelines, and you may contact the editor at or contact the Fiction Editor, Neil Anthony, at

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