Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Reviewers & Promotions

I've posted about places looking for book reviewers before, and I think now is a good time to discuss why they are so important.

First of all, if you write erotica, you want to know who is willing to publish reviews of erotica. It's a slim area, so build a list. If you can, support these publications & reviewers, so that they continue to support erotica as a genre. Also, as a writer, reading reviews can tell you much about the quality of your own writing, what themes are popular etc. Spend some time looking at the market, and then market yourself.

Second, if you are a non-fiction writer looking for a way 'in' with publications, reviews are a great way to make contact. Reviewers may not be paid or compensated in any way other than review copies, but reviewers have access to editors and publishers -- do well, and can that regular column of your own be far off?

Third, and perhaps more importantly, support publishers of erotic works. Help review books, as you can, and ensure the survival of the genre. If the books don't get enough review support, sales may suffer... too many soft sales, and will the publisher continue to publish erotica? Heck, will the publishers even survive?

Some of you might wish to start a site or blog to support the genre -- with links to your own works, professional biography, etc! (If you're looking for hosting for your blog, NaughtyBlog.Net is a safe place for naughty bloggers. Currently open to friends or friends-of-friends only, you can contact them and say you are a friend of Naughty Words, if you'd like.)

So, support erotica, and check out these opportunities:

Romance Junkies is looking for reviewers, editors, interviewers, and a few other folks.

eBook Reviews is open to new reviewers of ebooks.

Pink Flamingo accepts one-time or infrequent reviewers as well as regular book reviewers.

Don't overlook my older posts! Just because they are 'older' doesn't mean they aren't still valid. Here are a few examples in the area of book review opportunities:

Alternative Read

Fallen Angel

May Reviews

Cthulhu Sex

Monsters & Critics and Kirkus

All Readers

Short List of Publishers & Publications looking for reviewers

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