Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Real Women's Stories

From Erin:

I'm currently putting together a book of stories from real women who have triumphed over their insecurities. The book is based on women who have learned to love everything about themselves, even the flaws that once seemed monumental. I am interested in finding real stories from real women. The book is called "Beautiful," and here’s a bit of information and what I'm looking for:

"Beautiful" is a unique coffee table book geared towards woman of all ages. It is a compilation of personal stories and photographs of woman who have spent their whole lives learning to accept that they are beautiful even if they feel they are flawed. The book contains individual stories from over 50 women of all ages and ethnicities, and how they each learned to overcome their anxieties about their appearance. The book celebrates strong, successful, beautiful women, ready to teach others on how to let go of society’s expectations and learn how to love themselves.

I'm currently looking for personal stories from real women, so if you or anyone you know has ever had problems excepting the shell they were given, please feel free to email me. I am looking for stories that are 1-5 pages about your personal struggle and how you built up your self-confidence and persevered in life. Your story will be published with your name, and I’m hoping for this book to reach women of all ages especially young girls who think they have to look like the magazine cutouts in order to be accepted.

Although I would prefer woman from the Los Angeles area, I'm open to receiving stories from all over. Please feel free to forward on this information.

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