Friday, March 03, 2006

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Closed Calls

Eros and Thanatos closed until further notice.

Writing Tips

A Sexy Writing Exercise by Susie Bright.

Phil Phantom's Guide to Writing Good Trash.

Market Watch

From USA Today: "More companies are growing smitten with new gay media ventures on the Internet, in music and print. They want to lasso a share of the expanding market of gays and lesbians spending big on everything from travel to entertainment — and the ad dollars that follow.

Marketers have chased this niche for years. But the trend has gained juice lately..."

Blog Notes

I have received no donations in the past 10 days. I don't wish to be a bitch, but let's face it: Money Moves. I am giving all you readers the information to compete with me for gigs and prizes, so I should get a little incentive to continue to help, right?

If you appreciate, use or otherwise value this blog, please make a donation.

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