Monday, March 13, 2006

Loose ID Call

Loose Id, an ebook publisher, wants to 'unleash' the power of love and sex to transform good stories into great ones. In order to do that, we're bringing down the walls between genres. Erasing the dividing lines between subgenres to give readers what they want.

At Loose Id, we want books that:

* Unleash love stories from traditional romance, fantasy, science fiction and genre formulas by crossing traditional genre lines. While we want a love story, the primary conflict need not be between hero(es) and heroine(s) (though a strong relationship conflict creates terrific story potential).

* Unchain love stories from 'happily ever after' endings by allowing the 'happy for now' ending. In the real world, relationships don't always proceed quickly and conflicts don't always resolve themselves neatly. Not everyone survives big, climactic battles. An ending can show the hero(es) and heroine(s) taking the next step toward 'forever'; or show the primary romantic characters getting what they want, but at great personal cost. Or, an ending can be the traditional, wonderful, always beloved 'happily ever after'.

* Unfetter love stories from traditional run-of-the-mill romance hero(es) and heroine(s). Though we love those Alpha-dominant heroes, we also love kick-ass Alpha heroines, gutsy gammas, and sexy subs. While straight heterosexual Caucasian romances are fine with us, everyone needs love in their lives. Bring us multi-culturalism, alternative lifestyles and sexualities, big, beautiful heroines—make your characters real. No bland characters or Mary Sues need apply.

With that said, there's no one formula for a Loose Id book, no magic sales key. What worked for Mary may not work for Sue. On the other hand, there is an evolving Loose Id look and feel.

For complete information, see their guidelines.

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