Monday, March 20, 2006

Female Focused Erotic Webzine Submission Call

Request made at Constant Content:

I'm getting ready to relaunch a women-focused erotic webzine. We will feature such things as travel, relationship tips, erotic stories, celebrity column (all male focused), humor, etc. The site is high quality, tasteful, and truly professional. I'm looking for content suitable for this publication.

Think "Playboy" for women.

That said, I am looking for all kinds of content that is in the spirit of the zine. So, travel writers, columnists, story writers, etc., are all welcome. For example, if you write travel pieces, I need pieces with a sexy/romantic spin. Intelligent, sly humor is indeed welcome! We are open to suggestions, ideas, and creativity is encouraged.

Men, Sexy, Erotic, Humor - so long as it caters to women and lets women get a chance to have some "fun" with men being the focus of our attentions.

That includes:

Celebrity Gossip (male)

If you think of something I haven't considered, don't hesitate to suggest it.

So long as the piece fits in with our zine's philosophy, it's welcome!

Extra notes:

Article length is open because we are a web-based publication. Therefore, we don't need anything overly lengthy (no more than four web pages). We are, of course, open to multi-part pieces.

Story authors please note: stories don't have to be all about "the act" Sexy stories can be funny, creative, and genuinely interesting. Sometimes, it's just as fun to have them get close and wait, have something go wrong (i.e., kids keep bugging Mom and Dad when they're trying to have grownup time). Be inventive, and not just the usual romance novel writing. Also, if you want story ideas, I can provide these.

While we do not have any pre-set definition of erotica (much like the Supreme Court cannot define pornography, just that you'll "know it when you see it), we can say that we are not looking for anything overly graphic. In other words, the "he put his thing into her thing" is not really necessary.

Rather, we like the unexpected, the imaginative, and even the downright funny. One example that jumps to mind is a story we acquired where (told in first person by the main character), a couple's rather naughty tape of themselves in the act was mistaken for a family movie and taken to their in-laws' house. Let's just say, everyone got an eyeful. This story was told in such a way that real adults "got it" without the language coming anywhere near overly graphic. Truly hilarious, and judging from reader reactions destined to be a classic.

THIS is what we like - something that ties in the whole sexy theme in an intelligent, witty and truly entertaining way. The typical romance novel writing frankly doesn't interest us much.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. We're really quite nice. :-) Above all, have FUN with it!

Compensation: $30-40 per article

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