Friday, March 31, 2006

Experts Needed

Below is a posting from Mike regarding an opportunity for those who are credentialed experts -- those with books, articles, TV appearances, radio interviews etc -- who would be interested in hosting shows. As a show host, you have the opportunity to promote your books, articles, websites, &/or other projects as well as receive a commission on every video of the show they host that the production company sells. Here's the call:


Ever thought about hosting our own TV show? Would you like to be a part of an innovative concept in content production and delivery?

If your answers are "yes" or even "maybe" we want to talk to you.

We are a professionally staffed, start-up business. We are currently looking for experts in a wide range of subjects to develop television shows with.

Simply put, our Emmy-winning staff does all the work (production, editing, mastering, distribution) you have fun hosting your own TV show -- and make a few bucks at the same time. In addition, our programming gives you a great forum to plug your website, book, articles, business... or whatever.

Who are we looking for?

We want to talk to anyone who is a credentialed expert in any field, particularly fields or subjects that are of general interest to 18 -- 49 year olds. (travel, foreign language, cooking, home repair, business,finance, nutrition, exercise, writing, sports, computers, photography... there are countless others).

Please be a credentialed expert -- meaning you need to have some verifiable credits (articles, TV appearances, books, lectures etc.) in your field of expertise.

Please send general information about yourself, website links and a picture (headshot) to:

Swince the webiste for this project,, is not live yet, and I am rather ignorant of the way TV production works (and so I worry that I might, however unintentionally, mislead folks with my lack of experience), I asked Mike some questions about this project:

Naughty Words: What are you up to?

Mike: Essentially we're a rough bunch of Emmy winning TV producers, directors and writers who during the day produce TV shows for major networks adn we're starting up this venture. We are looking to find experts on various subjects (esp subjects of interest to 25-49 year olds) who we can develop TV programming with.

Naughty Words: Where are shows to be filmed? How long would a host need to commit to taping/creating an actual show? In other words, would a person need to be local, or is this something they can do with a 2 day visit in town, or anything in between ;)

Mike: We are hoping to find our experts in either NYC or LA because we are based in those two cities. But for the right person we would go anywhere. So to answer your question there is no traveling involved for our hosts - we go to them. We would work with the host to find a suitable location that is local to the host. We would pay any costs involved in shooting at that location.

That's our initial vision. There may come a time in the future when we REALLY want a host who is say in Kentucky and we REALLY WANT to shoot in NYC. In that rare case, we would, of course, pay for the hosts travel and hotel -- however that would be an EXTRELEMY RARE instance. Perhaps in the future it may happen, but, in all honesty it's not going to happen for our first group of programs. Our inital group will all be shot in a convenientonvienent for the host.

Time committment? Good question. We estimate that we would need our hosts for 2-3 days TOPS. One day to get together face to face and plan/outline the program (this is of course assuming that we'vespokendy sopken by phone several times and are on the same page as to the shows basic concept), then 1-2 days of shooting. The days need not be consecutive if scheduling is a problem.

So there you have it -- as much general information as you need to consider this opportunity.

Any interested parties should contact Mike at

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