Friday, March 10, 2006

Citizen Culture

CITIZEN CULTURE is seeking reviews for its web site. These can be reviews of CDs, books, films, theater productions, art exhibitions--or other cultural events of significance.

CITIZEN CULTURE is the first magazine in the country targeting Young Professionals specifically. After publishing five print issues, we relaunched on December 1, 2005, as the first all-digitally delivered print magazine in the world.

Our web site,, is crucial to our success, and works closely in tandem with the magazine. Our site has been recently re-designed, and our goal is to make THE place for Young Professionals to turn to for information and entertainment. Over the next weeks and months, our site will see a great increase in traffic.

Please understand that this call for REVIEWS is for our WEB SITE, NOT the magazine. These reviews are unpaid, but they are a great way to gain exposure and establish a relationship with our publication. Email submissions to

Naughty Words Note: They do have a Love & Sex area, so likely a solid reviewer could work their way towards more feature or column work.

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