Friday, March 03, 2006

Book Puppy Competition

Book Puppy Competition

First prize: £100 (sterling)
Second prize: £50 (sterling)
Three runners up will also win free access to member's area for six months

What we are looking for:

- All stories must be erotic & gay in nature - no heterosexual content please - bi-sex stories are ok

- We are looking for literary value as well as well written erotic or sex descriptions

- Consider plot, character and setting as well as the erotic content.

- We like originality and we don't like words like 'boy-cunt', 'throbbing member' and 'love-pole'

Length, style, presentation etc.

- Stories must be between 1,500 and 5,000 words in length

- Presented in Word (.doc) format - if this is not possible please contact us to discuss other formats

- Indent paragraphs and the first line of speech

- Double space twice between paragraphs - it makes on-line presentation easier to read

- Only one submission per author/pen name

- email submissions to:

Include on the first page:

Story title
Author Name - pen names are ok
Word Count
Your e-mail address

E-mail your submissions as attachments and copy and paste the following text into the body of your e-mail. Submissions without this text will not be considered.

I have read and understood the conditions of the competition:

The judges decision is final

The work I am submitting is mine and I have copyright. I understand that if I submit another's work I am committing plagiarism and theft and not only will my story be declined but I may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

My story does not contain any nonconsensual, underage, incestuous, bestial or heterosexual content.

I will always retain copyright of my story.

For more information, see their guidelines.

Deadline for submissions: May 31st 2006.

Winners will be announced on the website in June.

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