Friday, March 31, 2006

Black Velvet Seductions Call for Submissions

At Black Velvet Seductions we are always searching for talented new authors. We are eager to look at the work of both new and established authors.The majority of the work currently under contract with us is authored by authors who were previously unpublished in book length fiction.

We are currently acquiring in all of our lines and in all genres and all sub-genres. We publish some very traditional romance novels but we also publish books that push boundaries and explore love and sex in unique ways.

We look at material in three forms, queries, partials and completed manuscripts. We would by far prefer to see complete manuscripts with a cover letter and synopsis. We only offer contracts on complete manuscripts. However if an author wonders whether we would be interested in a project of a given type we can usually respond to a query within a couple weeks. Manuscripts take several weeks to several months depending on the other tasks our staff is required to do at any given time.

Most stories rejected by us are rejected because they are not romance novels but are instead mainstream works or are erotic works without the necessary romantic elements. The next most common reason we reject material is because the piece lacks the emotional impact to make it memorable. We are looking for better than average romances, or at the very least romances which have the potential to be better than average with some revision.

We accept both electronic and paper-based submissions.

For more information, see their guidelines.

If you are writing to ask a question or to check on the arrival of your manuscript please send your e-mail to

Black Velvet Seductions publishes in print and ebook formats.

Compensation: Appears to be royalties.

They also offer a Free Writer's Newsletter.

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