Monday, February 20, 2006

Velluminous Press

Velluminous Press is a new British ebook publisher seeking submissions in both fiction and non-fiction.

What we seek: Compelling writing in almost any area. We'll consider almost any works of fiction. We believe that compelling characters, page-turning plots, vivid descriptions and thought-provoking concepts are more important than fitting a work into a particular slot. We're happy to consider all genres, including adult fiction and erotica as long as it's well-plotted and characterised, but we're not interested in any work that relies for its impact on the glorification of violence, abuse, or exploitation. This includes depictions of underage sex and/or bestiality. For fiction submissions, please send by email to contact name Elspeth Fahey.

What we offer: Fee-free, royalty-paying publication through major retail outlets such as Amazon and other internet bookshops. All titles are offered in electronic form. For selected titles, we will also offer the option of fee-free, royalty-paying paperback publication.

Royalties are based on equal revenue sharing between publisher and author, i.e. 50% of our net receipts from a particular title is paid as royalties to the author. The distribution of royalties takes places quarterly, provided at least twenty five British pounds is due to the author. Any lesser sums are rolled over and included in the following quarter's calculation. oyalty payments are supported by full sales information, and the facility for authors to audit our figures is built in to the contract.

For submissions: please send (by email via a synopsis outlining the plot (a few paragraphs detailing the beginning, the middle and the end) and the complete manuscript, as an attachment to the email. If your fiction manuscript is incomplete, please finish it before submitting: we will only consider completed works. Our preferred file format is plain text, with 2 line breaks between paragraphs and no line breaks between lines (so the text can flow to the window or printer width). We can also accept Open Document text (.odt), Microsoft
Word (.doc), or Rich Text Format (.rtf) files. Please make your manuscript no less than 30,000 words.

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