Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Thirst For Fire

Thirst For Fire posts this call:

Thirst For Fire is a literary webzine and therefore submissions should be literary in nature. No fan fiction, faith-based, sci-fi, interviews, reviews, or ethnic / niche material will be considered. There are plenty of other places for these types of stories. We want to hear about how you lost your virginity to a junkie prostitute in a drunken backseat romp when you were sixteen while your mom drove you around the block playing Sinatra.

We are not accepting poetry at this time either, despite having the definition of the word "literary" emailed to us.

We prefer the sublime, the profane, the bizarre, outlaw fiction. Our favorite stories deal with sex, drugs, Bukowski, violence, subversion, politics, heavy drinking, hookers, and bad punk music.

For full details on submission formatting please see our Sample Submission, located on our submissions page.

Email all your twisted offerings to us at submissions@thirstforfire.com.

Compensation: Exposure

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