Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Suite Magazine

Suite Magazine, for women, is looking for content:

All Main Feature Articles – Looking for social, political, sexual, and informative subjects. No religious pieces. We want four unique articles for each issue. Send query first.

Book Excerpt –- 5,000 word count max. Name of book, name of author, author's URL, genre, publisher, publisher's URL, release date, ISBN. Must have permission from the publisher and adhere to their guidelines. A very short review can be used at the beginning of the section. Two pictures can be used @ 120 x 180 pixels (one of the author, and one of the book). Up to three other pictures can be used on the side bar (if not taken by a paid advertiser) @130 x 165 pixels. URL will link to author's site.

Heat Between the Sheets –- 3,000 word count, would prefer original stories written just for SUITE, but until we're able to obtain these, stories can be previously written and/or published. Writer retains rights if it's something published elsewhere, and they have permission to use it at SUITE. For articles written exclusively for SUITE -- SUITE retains the rights for the issue in which it appears; after that, if the story is used elsewhere, we request that the author please mention it was seen originally in SUITE. In other words, we can both use it for publicity, etc. Title, author, any credits that may need to be given (publisher, etc). One picture can be used @ 120 x 180 pixels either of the author, or a picture pertaining to the story. *We are currently looking for erotic romance stories, woman/man monogamous relationships only.

Exclusive Interview –- 2,000 to 3,000 word count. Write up about the person to be incorporated in a question and answer format. We want interesting people, preferably women, but doesn't have to be. Find unique, different, and interesting people…(first woman to land on aircraft carrier for example, which we showcased in November). Up to 5 pix @ 120 x 180 pixels.

As well as Book, Movie and TV Reviews and a myriad of other articles. Please note that many of their articles are required to have photos/images. For more information, please see their writer's guidelines.

Compensation: Tamara McHatton, CEO & Editor in Chief, says "Exposure is all we provide at this time. We are in our second year and looking to going to CDs and/or print. We also allow three "free" issues per writer for the month their work is included in the magazine...since it's online and is password protected, this means they can share this information with three other persons."

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