Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Spirituality & Sexuality Call

This call comes from Gracie Passette of Gracie Passette Productions:

We are working on a print book, Spirituality and Sexuality, and are looking for authors &/or interviews in the following areas:



Christianity has taken some beatings, and there are many differences in Christian faith, so I'd like to see if we can include say Mormon, Catholic etc positive perspectives included.



Kosher sex

Muslim perspectives (A male and a female perspective on this, as many 'Western' folks are less than understanding & appreciative of Islam.)

Tantra practitioners, any and all faiths are encouraged to contact us.

This book is to show the ways in which spirituality & faith are linked to our sexuality. We are primarily looking for personal stories & experiences to be shared ~ either by the author, or via interviews. However, we are open to discussing researched pieces which reflect the traditions, literature, and culture of religion and sexuality as well.

While the thrust of this book is to show positive links between the two areas, we are interested in negative stories as well, especially if there are lessons to be learned.

Information on teaching your faith and sexual health to children (either from 'what you were taught' or 'how you teach your children') are also welcome.

As this book falls under the Sex-Kitten.Net imprint, we are very interested in female points of view, but are not discounting men nor male writers.

Compensation is one copy of the print book per published article, and, naturally, byline with brief bio including books, URLs etc.

If you are a writer with ideas, submissions or an interest in this project, please contact Gracie at Gracie@Sex-Kitten.net, putting "Spirituality & Sexuality" in the subject line.

Please do not send attachments until requested ~ they will not be opened.

Please contact us as soon as possible, thank you!

(Feel free to forward this information to an associate you feel would be interested!)

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