Friday, February 17, 2006

Q & A

Based on questions from the old mail bag (aka the gmail account), here are some recommended resources:

The Pros and Cons of Simultaneous Submissions does a great job of describing not only what "SimSubs" are, but why editors dislike them.

In Writing Pornography for a Living, the realities of porn writing (formulaic sex stories, not erotica) are looked at.

The Electric Eclectic, Jim's amazing web resource for writers and lovers of words. A truly massive collection of links on just about anything authors and language lovers could want.

Remember, writing erotica is even more difficult than writing other literature - not only to you have to write well, create & develop great characters, plots etc, but you have to put sex in it too. Not an easy task. So pay no attention to those who dismiss you as a 'smut writer' while looking down their noses at you -- we know better!

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