Saturday, February 25, 2006

Indigo Ink Online

UPDATE: Rumor has it that this site is closed, and that the site will not launch.

Indigo Ink Online is planning to launch in Summer 2006.

Indigo Ink Online is looking for:

Quality writing with sexual themes. Sex should support your stories, not make up its entirety. However, if you are a budding Pat Califia, and are capable of writing a "straight sex" story that is literary and melts our screens, we encourage you to make a submission.

If, after reading these guidelines, you are still unsure about your work, send in a query along with a sample. We would hate to lose a good story, or for a writer to lose the opportunity to publish with us ­ nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Indigo Ink Online is accepting submissions in the following categories: Straight, GBLT, Fetish/Kink, D/s/BDSM, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Romance, Edgy, Mind Candy (sexy without sex), and Poetry.

We will reply to all queries and submissions in 2-4 weeks. If you’ve not heard from us in that time, please send a follow-up inquiry to the E-mail address you submitted your work to, and include the words “Submission Follow-up” in the subject line.

Indigo Ink Online will not publish:

Poorly written, sloppy, crap. Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are musts.

Work that is discriminatory in nature or tone, which contains bigotry or libel.

Work by authors under 18 years of age

Work which is copyrighted in whole or in part to another author, or whose rights belong to anyone but the author

Slash fiction and Fan fiction


Work sent in by anyone other than the author

Work containing sex scenes in which the sex is nonconsensual (including rape, beastiality and
necrophilia). We may accept work exploring these issues in unusual ways, but will never publish work that celebrates or presents these practices as an acceptable source of erotic gratification. Please query before submitting.

Work that contains sex scenes involving minors. We may accept work exploring issues of sexuality as it pertains to an underage character, but a query is a must before submitting.

How to Submit Your Work:

Please send each piece in separate E-mails. You may submit one story per month, and up to three flashers or poems.

All queries must include the word "Query" in the subject line. Email to the appropriate address noted below.

All submissions must include the word "Submission" in the subject line. Failure to include this subject line will likely result in our deleting the e-mail. If we think it’s spam, out it goes.

Must Be Sent In Plain Text ­ in the body of your email, with no formatting or html. Attachments will NOT be accepted.

Must include the following header information:

Name (Proper and Pseudonym, if applicable)
E-mail address
Piece Type
Word Count
Piece (full text or query):
Bio (50 words or fewer, may include URL, E-mail address etc.) If your work is selected, you may include a graphic at that time.

20-40 lines. E-mail to:

Pieces from 1,500-5,000 words will be considered. For anything substantially shorter or longer, send a query along with a sample before submitting completed work. E-mail to:

These complete stories should be exactly 100 words. E-mail to:

Pieces 15,000 words or longer will be considered. Please submit a query along with one sample chapter before submitting completed work. Email to: or

Rights and Copyright:
We do not hold any exclusive rights to other’s work published at Indigo Ink Online. The author retains copyright.

We require that authors grant us a thirty (30) day period in which to bill the work as exclusive to Indigo Ink Online. During that time, the work may NOT be published elsewhere in electronic form, except on the author’s private, personal website. However, you may, if you choose, submit it elsewhere for future publication. We plan to archive stories, and ask to be notified if an author’s work needs to be removed from our website because of a subsequent publishing agreement that prohibits its continued presence at Indigo Ink Online.

Authors retain sole ownership and full rights to his/her own work as well as the responsibility for making sure they comply with any and all publishing agreements for that work. Therefore, Indigo Ink Online will not be party to any copyright dispute(s).

We reserve the right to suggest edits for any work submitted or accepted; however, Indigo Ink Online will never publish work with any changes made without an author’s approval.

Reprints and Simultaneous Submissions:
We will consider reprints, assuming you can prove that you have retained rights to the work. We cannot consider simultaneous submissions if the work has been submitted to other electronic publishers. We are happy to consider simultaneous submissions if the other venue to which the
work has been submitted is a non-electronic venue. Please be sure to mention this when submitting such work.

Submission Deadline
For inclusion in our debut issue (Summer 2006), please submit your work by May 1, 2006.

For future issues, you may submit your work anytime.

Compensation: Exposure

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