Monday, February 13, 2006

Her Circle Zine

Her Circle accepts works of Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Personal Essay, and Poetry for consideration in one of four departments: Breaking Form, What She Knows, War Cry, and Transcending Bounds.

All work is evaluated on its relevance to departmental themes and its ability to connect with the reader while providing immediacy.

When submitting to departments, the following guidelines should be followed:

Fiction & Creative Non-fiction (including Memoir) - 5,000 word maximum: Well written short stories with strong characters.

Personal Essay - 3,000 word maximum: Thoughtful inquiries in the narrative style

Poetry - 2 - 3 pages per poem. Prose poems of exceptional quality can take liberty, but should be no longer than 10 pages.

Send your works of fiction, creative non-fiction, personal essay and poetry to

Please read their submission information.

Compensation: $25

*Note: While not a 'sexual' publication, it is logical to assume that sexuality is key in many if not all of the areas they describe.

They also accept artwork/photography.

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