Thursday, February 02, 2006


Femotica is currently accepting short stories. If you've written a story about passion, fantasies, love, suspense, they want to see them. Each submission must be at least 500 words long, use proper spelling and grammar. You may submit multiple chapters to make up one longer story. Each story must have main characters, explosive passion, and an interesting premise.

To submit, register, login and click Submit Story. Give your story a title. If it's a part of a longer story, give it a Part number or chapter number. Then give a summary of what happens in the story/chapter & copy and paste your story.

For more information, see their guidelines.

Compensation: If your story is accepted, you will have the opprotunity to include a byline and a short (255 character) author bio at the end & then you're welcome to add your website to our Links directory.

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