Monday, February 27, 2006

10th Anniversary deirdre Story Festival

This call comes from Alt.Sex.Stories.Text.Repository:

Greetings fellow authors!

We are pleased to announce the 10th Anniversary deirdre Story Festival!

(drums roll and trumpets blare!)

By now many of you will have read some of deirdre’s stories that we have been reposting on the newsgroup. deirdre (small ‘D’) was the enigmatic queen of newsgroup sex writing in the mid 1990s. She posted 156 stories, used an anonymous remailer to post her stories, never apparently corresponded with anyone (!), and was the absolute darling of Celeste, the most important sex-story reviewer in Usenet history.

deirdre’s last documented post was on April 30th 1996.

The festival in her honor will run April 15th (to give our American participants something to think about besides income taxes) to April 30th. Beginning on the 15th, festival stories will be posted ahead of anything else that would appear on ASSM. The stories, essays, and reviews will
remain permanently in the festival section of the Alt.Sex.Stories.Text.Repository and will also constitute the first new issue of “The Journal of Desire” in five years. The festival will help wake it from its slumber!

What can be posted to the festival? There will be stories, essays, and reviews.


We invite people to contribute stories in one of four categories. To answer the unasked questions: Yes we will accept reposts of old stories of yours. And, yes, you can submit multiple stories. That’s what we’re all about.

(1)Write a new story in deirdre’s style, on her themes. There should be a lot of stories on newbies suddenly discovering their sexuality (or their partner’s, or their best friend’s, etc.). There will be a lot of domination, submission, getting tied up, spanking, and of course (well,
of course!) lots of asterisks used for emphasis.

(2)Take an existing deirdre story and re-write it in *your* style. The plot will stay the same, but how it is handled will be very different. If you go this route, please either use the same title or include her title in parentheses below your new title.

(3)Write a deirdre spoof!

(4)Or let your muse carry you, and write your own story in honor of the spirit of deirdre or her contributions to internet, or whatever spirit your muse tells you to honor.

Please indicate, on the first line of each story, right before the title, which category best fits the story. Label it “deirdre Style,” “My Style,” “Spoof,” or “Muse.”


Yes we accept essays. We will repost an old one on deirdre herself, written by PleaseCain, one of the festival coordinators. There will be one on “who is deirdre,” that I am writing. Would you like to write an essay? On deirdre, or on changes in internet sex story writing in the past
decade, or whatever?

If you contribute an essay, please label it “Essay” on the first line.


Antheros, a member of the festival team will write reviews, and since we are seeing a growth in the number of reviews and reviewers, other people may get involved as well. (more details on this as they emerge)

We will ask you to indicate if you would like a story of yours reviewed or (especially) not reviewed.

Please email us if you would like to contribute reviews to the festival.

* * * * *

How to submit.

Send stories, essays or reviews to ASSM: story-

Since they will go through moderation, it’s best to send them a few days before the festival.

If you haven’t posted stories there, you can go to the FAQ page, where many of your questions will be answered..

Also, anyone on the festival team will be happy to help you get stories posted.

On your email ‘Subject’ line, begin with the following message in square brackets (without the quotation marks): “[deirdre Fest].” That way the moderation team will be able to hold your contribution, get it to us, and keep from accidentally posting it before the festival begins.

For example, if you were writing a story based on deirdre’s story “Easy,” your subject line would look like this:

[deirdre Fest] “Easy” (MF, FF, anal)

That’s easy, right? (sorry; couldn’t resist)

* * * * *

To find deirdre’s stories.

For inspiration or just reading, there are two Web sites that we know have all 156 of her stories. The first was set up by our own PleaseCain. The other is by Bitbard (retired).

* * * * *

The Festival Team (alphabetically):
Antheros ( )
H. Jekyll (
Mat Twassel (
PleaseCain (

The team may grow. It is odd that a festival named for female writer seems to be driven by people with only male personae. That can be fixed, and we hope it will be!

Compensation: As with all at ASSTR, exposure.

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