Monday, January 23, 2006

Your Questions, My Thoughts

Often I am asked about my thoughts on particular contests or contest types, my experiences with specific publications, my opinions on print vs eBooks etc. And typically, I shy away from such conversations because I do not feel comfortable being some authority on the world of publishing - and I feel even worse making subjective decisions.

While I am a professional writer and editor, I don't claim to know 'everything' there is to know about writing, editing, sales, promotions, publishers etc. Unlike many persons and publications, I realize that I cannot know everything, and that even my own opinions are limited by what I have experienced in the world of published writing. I have not been published by 'everyone,' nor have I submitted my works 'everywhere,' so for me to start rating such things as publishers, publications, editors, well, it seems more than overwhelming -- it seems unfair.

This is why I do not comment, positively or negatively, on the calls I post here.

Perhaps more frightening than any person with limited knowledge offering themselves as an authority, is the idea of applying my ignorance to your lives. For I do not know all of you, I do not know why you write, what your goals are. If writing is relatively subjective, writing about writing is even more so.

So, forgetting the question 'who am I to speak with authority?' there is the question of 'what am I to speak to?'

I am a professional writer, not a professional report service - in order to be such, A) I'd need to be paid, B) I'd need to know more about you, and C) I'd have to be paid a lot in order to get over my willies to do such things.

But, as fate would have it, lately, many of you, yes you dear blog readers, have contacted me with your questions, and so, I feel compelled to answer.

It's clear to me that we have all levels of writers here, from beginners to old timers, hobbyists and professionals, and that your interests vary as well. Some of you are most interested in the calls, others appreciate the writing tips, and there have been a few requests for me to recommend books, workshops etc. And too, there is a small group which wants more information on promotions, book reviews etc. Since I know that for every email I receive there are others who have not contacted me (human nature as well as site stats tell me this!), I now pause to wonder: Just who is it here, reading? What do they want?

To this end, I'm starting polls.

Please take a moment to use the polls (posted on the sidebar) to tell me about your needs & interests, so that I may more fully make the Naughty Words blog useful to you. (This does not replace email contact; it only offers an option for those of you who are shy or in a hurry.)

Once again, I remind you that if you find my blog useful, to please make a donation via the Amazon 'Tip Jar' (also located on the sidebar).

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