Friday, January 27, 2006

Pink Flamingo Erotic Fiction

Pink Flamingo, a publisher of BDSM and spanking fiction (print and ebooks), is open to submissions.

A note from Editor Lizbeth: I'm always glad to review the work of new authors who are writing fiction that meets our editorial needs.

General Guidelines:

We accept about 30 manuscripts per year for print and ebook publication.

We are primarily interested in novels, but will look at some distinctive short story collections. Manuscripts should be between 45,000-60,000 words. We can accept larger manuscripts in some cases. But we do not accept individual short stories for print and Ebook publication.

We have an obvious emphasis on Bdsm works, either Femdom or Maledom oriented. But we also accept a smaller number of general, lesbian Bdsm and spanking titles.

For more information on submitting works, see their guidelines.

Compensation: Royalties


FREE STORIES Submissions:

We are accepting short stories of roughly 1,000-4000 words to post on our site in our free stories feature. (Longer stories will be accepted for serialization, but they need to have well-developed plots)

Stories must be well written and include something that will attract the reader's interest. We are looking for stories, not just sex scenes. We accept a wide range of content. Obviously adding D/s, S&M, spanking and other fetish material will attract many of our readers to your story. However, these elements are not necessary. (Note: Several authors who have submitted their stories to our Free Stories Feature have gone on to have larger erotic works published by Pink Flamingo.)

Please take time and care in editing your work for misspells and grammar. Works that haven't been, will not be accepted as we do not have the staff available for extensive editing.

Send your work as follows:

Via email in a file attachment compatible with MS Word. Most stories sent in the body of an email will be rejected since they become difficult to reformat for the web.

Please name your file with the story name.

Include at the top of the story:

1) Your name
2) Your penname
3) Your email address
4) Story title
5) What genre of erotica is included (i.e. spanking, femdom, M/f bdsm, general etc.)

Be sure to indicate when you submit that you're submitting your work for our FREE STORIES feature, and not for print and ebook publication.

Again, for more information on submitting works, see their guidelines.

Compensation: Exposure


They also are looking for book reviewers. The link on their website isn't working, so I recommend contacting Lizbeth at lizbeth [at]

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