Friday, January 06, 2006

Oysters & Chocolate Short Story Contest

How hot is too hot? Oysters & Chocolate is hosting its first short story competition of 2006, Sexy Hot Tomales! All we're asking is for you to warm us up so we can make it through this cold, Colorado winter! That's why we want you to submit the hottest erotica that you can imagine. We're looking for a story that will make us sweat. We want a story that's so hot and sexy that when we read it, we just can't wait to take our clothes off!

The hottest story earns a $500 CASH PRIZE and will be featured on our homepage.

There is a $10 reading fee to enter. We will be accepting contest reading fees by check or money order, and Paypal. The reading fees must be postmarked by March 1st in order for your submission to be considered. You may enter multiple stories at once into the contest, but please send $10 per each submission.

Payment methods:

Please make check or money order payable to JordanSade LLC, and mail it to:
JordanSade LLC
1630A 30th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

To submit via Paypal, please send a $10 payment/story to In the email subject, type "story contest" and in category of purchase, choose "services." Yes, we are Paypal Verified.

Submission requirements:

1. We highly suggest that you submit your short story electronically by emailing your story to: Attach your story to the email, and paste it in the body of the email. Please type "Contest Submission" in the subject line. Please note that we will not read your submission until we receive your check or money order by mail, or payment via Paypal.

2. If for some reason you are unable to email your story, please send your story in with your check by mail. Please include two copies, and send your submission typed, double spaced, with your name and the title of the story on each page.

Deadline: Entries due by March 1st

Contest winner will be announced and published April 1st!

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