Friday, January 27, 2006

Open Call Quickies

A few general calls:

Midnight Showcase is placing a special call for submissions for novels in specific genres, and an open call for short story submissions for specific digests. They specialize in "Romance and Erotic-ahh Romance."

Details, submission guidelines, and contract information here.


Ephemera Bound is announcing a 'small quiet call lol' for books. An indie press doing print books only, they are looking for works in many areas, including erotica and non-fiction sexuality books.

Editor Deanna Dahlsad says "We'd really like to hear from authors, new or previously published, who have stories and know how to tell them. It sounds simple, but is it? Email us with your story as you've been telling your friends about it - why is it cool, funny, heartbreaking, hot, etc. We're human too, so tell us a story..."

Interested authors should contact the publisher via email at Deanna at

They are still open for book reviewers, and you'll find that information here.


Jordan LaRousse, Chief Eros Officer at Oysters & Chocolate, wishes to remind you that in addition to their occasional contests, they do have an ongoing call for erotic submissions.

Here's the link to their submission guidelines page.


In other news, I've busted my hump this week to bring you the goods. So vote on the polls, and motivate me to continue with a donation via the Amazon 'tip jar' on the sidebar. (This weekend is heavy with deadline obligations for next week, so... prompt me with some token of appreciation!)

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