Sunday, January 22, 2006

More Quick Notes For Writers

Some advice on Writing and Selling Erotic Fiction.

Gloria Brame writes So, You Want To Be a Writer?, a candid guide to the realities of the publishing business, with advice on workshops, contests, writing proposals and pitching ideas.

And Ray Girvan has additional advice in Erotic Fiction: A Writer's Perspective.

If you're looking for hosting for your blog, NaughtyBlog.Net is a safe place for naughty bloggers. You can use it with Blogger or other blogging software, without the worries that your blog will be pulled for inappropriate materials (which, recently, has included the written word, not just photos or images). Currently open to friends or friends-of-friends only, you can contact them and say you are a friend of Naughty Words, if you'd like.

I've added a few resources to the sidebar links section, so take your time to look and see who is new!

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