Sunday, January 08, 2006

Monsters and Critics

Monsters and Critics is looking for writers. Note, the positions currently have no compensation, however, the site offers wonderful exposure.


We are looking for new weekly/monthly columnists across the site. If you have a column idea in mind then feel free to drop us a line and we will consider your proposal. Sponsored columns are acceptable - contact us for details.

To apply for any of columnist position, please contact via this form selecting the 'Submissions' department.

Please include details of your name, free time available, location and any previous examples of articles you have written. Details of any other sites you have/currently contribute to would also be handy if present.

A brief explanation of why you want to work on the site and what you think you would bring to it is also required.

Please make sure you have some spare time to actually do this before going through the whole process. Some positions require more time than others.

Feel free to ask any questions in your application email.

News Stories:

If you have news, a piece you have written or some commentary you would like published then please submit it along with authorisation for M&C to publish it on the site.


If you have excerpts, news or associated media please contact the newsdesk and we will get in touch.

Please do not send us requests for reviews. We have a limited number of reviewers and they tend to plan out what they are reviewing themselves. You can however submit your book/s to Kirkus Reviews...since M&C also publishes their reviews.

Notes on Kirkus:

Kirkus Reviews does not review books that have already been published - however, they consider any previously unpublished, but already contracted, titles that are submitted in galley form at least three months (preferably longer) before publication date.

When submitting to Kirkus it is important that you include certain standard information -- price, publication date (the more exact, the better), ISBN -- as well as a brief description of the book and some particulars about the author (previous works, academic affiliation, or other special qualification, etc.).

Please note that we require two copies of every submission.

All adult titles to:
Eric Liebetrau
Kirkus Reviews
VNU US Literary Group
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Kirkus Reviews does not review books in the categories listed below:

* mass market
* already published books
* textbooks
* reference
* self-published titles
* print-on-demand titles
* e-books
* specialized technical or professional works
* poetry
* reprints
* photography
* art
* compendiums of information (e.g., travel guides)
* instruction manuals
* self-help
* screenplays or other types of dramatic scripts
* any work intended for an academic audience

Kirkus Discoveries
will review those books -- for a fee!

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