Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Love in a Lock-Up Anthology

Prisoners, hoods, criminals, cops, guards, wardens and jailhouse lovers are alive and well at Starbooks Press.

Love in a Lock-Up will be about those men who find themselves on the wrong side of the law, who are locked in a cell with one or more hot men, and who satisfy their needs the only way cellmates know how. Sometimes, a hot guard or warden gets in on the action.

I am seeking well-written stories that are erotic, not pornographic. I am interested in muscle men, twinks, everyday Joes, cops, guards and wardens, along with other men who end up doing behind bars what they never would have considered on the outside. These men end up in small town jails, county lock-ups, state prisons and maximum security facilities. They spend 24 hours a day in the company of dangerous men and even the few who are less dangerous. Whichever they are, they only seek a release for their pent up sexual desires. I am seeking real stories in which sex derives naturally and logically from the characters and from the story. I want well-developed characters, plots, situations, settings, and internal consistency. Humor is greatly appreciated as these characters are meant to have fun and enjoy themselves. However, we do ask that you do not include extremely violent rape, beating or murder scenes.

Feel free to query editor Eric Summers with your ideas for this anthology at eric@starbookspress.com.

See the complete guidelines here.

Compensation: Contributors will be paid upon publication and receive one contributor's copy of the anthology.

Deadline: August 30, 2006

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