Thursday, January 12, 2006

International Call For Submissions For Women Writers

Mitzi Szereto places this call for "Getting Even: Women’s Tales of Revenge," an anthology to be published by Serpent’s Tail, London:

The "fairer sex" we’ve all been screwed over in one way or the other, with the screwers often walking away unscathed. Old story, right? But what if FOR ONCE the "unfair sex" (and even some of our own) actually got what’s coming to them? Lover, husband, husband’s bit on the side, boss, child minder, neighbour, loan officer, auto mechanic, milkman, whomever. Ladies, it’s time to settle the score! Who says revenge ain’t sweet?

Stories can be of any length, but try to keep under 9,000 words.
Stories may be of any sexual orientation.
All stylisations are welcome.
Unpublished material only.

Submission requirements:

Submit stories in hard copy, double-spaced (with a Windows-compatible file available on request). Manuscripts not chosen will be discarded, so do not send your only copy. Include with your submission a brief author bio and your email address. Please do NOT submit stories by email
unless I request it. For queries/postal information, contact:

Submission deadline: 1 August 2006

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